Bookish Things People Should Give Less F*cks About


The more I read, the more I realize that you number of books read shouldn’t define you. If you read 5 books/month vs 1 book a month, GOOD FOR YOU! The most important thing is that you enjoyed it or at least learn something new. The number of books doesn’t reflect your reading speed or make you any better/worse than everybody else.

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If you don’t like it, you don’t need to read it. Instead of judging people who read classics vs pure fiction genre or even YA. Reading is becoming less and less favoured. If readers want to encourage people to enjoy books, we shouldn’t be criticizing the stories they choose to enjoy.

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I find Goodreads ratings complete bullshit tbh. Yup I said it. The thing is, they feature the top reviewer depending on how many likes they got but the like system is always a biased one. As with Instagram and other social media platform. I, myself, am a victim of Goodreads haha so everytime I see a book with a low rating I look for other bookworm that I know have similar taste in books and read their reviews instead.

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The number of people getting offended by negative reviews is way too high LOL I love being honest in my reviews.. I mean what’s the point if it’s not to state my opinion? I always find it too suspicious if people find a book too perfect without any flaws..

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Okay I’m the most guilty with this one and I should be the one to give fewer ducks about this haah. We should just all admit that the movie and the books are two different medium. When adapting on screens, they have a lot of restrictions. They cannot always portray every single detail of the book. Yes Karen, the shower scene comes only after the kiss in the book but not the movie. #Sowhat LOL In the end, we should simply appreciate that they try to bring the story to life. Sometimes it doesn’t work, sometimes it does. But pinpointing every line from the book is a bit too much.

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What do you think? Do you agree? Would you add something else? Let me know me know in the comments below ๐Ÿ˜Š



  • Totally agree on the number of books and what other people read. As far as Goodreads ratings, I mostly pay attention to the average rating and the number of ratings. Usually you can’t read all the reviews if there are more than 3 or so. I find it helps in a review if people say what it was they liked or disliked about the book. What somebody else likes I may not care for at all, and sometimes the things they dislike can be the very best things about the book. As for movie adaptations, it’s rare for the movie to be as good as the book. And even when the movie is good, I still like to read the book if possible to try to understand all the little nuances that you can’t get in the movie.


  • It seems that the majority of people never read for pleasure so any reading has to be a good thing, whatever the book.
    I think Goodreads ratings tend to be less polorised with adult books than YA though.

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  • Sorry Trang, I guess I’m the odd man out here. I totally love yearly book goals and I DO judge people by the books they read ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Seriously though, I completely understand the intent of this post. A gamer I follow on youtube just did a similar thing for games [video/card/board] and it is always good to be reminded what we have in common is greater than our differences. It is sometimes really hard to remember that though when I’m in my local bookstore browsing the SFF section and have to listen to a small group of tween girls squeeing away about Book X. Thankfully, I know they’ll grow up ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Oh, 1000% agree with the negative review thoughts. Preach it!


  • I’m guilty of most of these! I have my own reading goals, but I’ve accepted I’ll probably never read 52+ books a year. I also prefer reading reviews rather than relying on ratings because then I can see what the reader liked or disliked specifically to figure out if it’s something I’d enjoy. One pet peeve is when it seems like everyone is reviewing the same book at the same time, it puts me off reading it until the hype dies down so I can read it without feeling like my own views have been influenced by everyone else if that makes sense.

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  • I agree so much with all of these! Especially with the book to movie adaptions!


  • Love this post! I agree, we shouldn’t judge ourselves (and others) based on the number and genre of the books we read. And negative reviews! Why are so many people mad when other people just telling the truth about how much they (don’t) enjoy a book :/


  • Ahoy there matey! I certainly agree with the Goodreads and negative posts portions. I have recently had several of me negative reviews on goodreads attacked by readers that felt I should have given 5 stars. It be a new weird experience. I personally love negative reviews especially when it be for a book I loved. The different perspective can be fascinating. I am okay with a reader giving a book 5 stars when I gave it one (unless it supports racism or abuse etc.). I am happy if a reader loved the book they read. I wish all books could be 5 star reads. But I will continue to be honest in me reviews cause I write them for me to remember how I felt about the book. While Goodreads can be useful for overall ratings, I would rather read reviews of the crew to make me final choices. There are crew members whose reviews tend to match me own tastes so their opinions have more weight. Lovely post. Arrr!
    x The Captain


  • Yes!! I agree with every single one. Though I may not enjoy the movie adaptations, it is still nice to see the characters come alive on a screen. Great post!!


  • Love this post! I must admit, I am guilty of the whole book to film adaptations thing, but I completely agree with all of your points ๐Ÿ™‚ x


  • I love this post SO much Trang, I agree with everything here! โค I know I tend to get influenced by goodreads ratings a whole lot and I should really stop doing that haha and same with the movie. A movie and a book are different and my brain can't help but compare them and well, sometimes they just should be their own story I guess. If that makes sense haha. Wonderful post!! โค


  • This is a great post, and actually I’d like to say not many of these bother me. I used to get really into move adaptations and then was really let down when they weren’t as good as I’d hoped they’d be; now I still get really into them but I think I’m more able to enjoy them on their own rather than comparing them to the book.
    Also the number of books read per year is one I need to care less about. I’m struggling to read my GR goal this year and honestly it’s stressing me out a little so next year I’m going to go for an easier target. That should help. ๐Ÿ˜€
    Great post Trang. ๐Ÿ™‚ โค


  • The number of books someone reads could also very much depend on how much free time they have and not just their reading speed. I would like to be reading more books, but as long as I’m working a full-time job that’s a 45 minute drive away (usually more in the winter), it’s hard to find the time to read.

    And as for good reads ratings, or user ratings in general, they should never be relied on. There’s also a thing called review bombing, where a bunch of people get together to give something a higher or lower rating than it deserves. Sometimes even creating fake accounts to do it. This is a bigger problem in video game culture, but it happens with movies and books as well. It’s best to just find genres and authors that you like, and mostly stick with them and occasionally the books they recommend.


  • Totally agree! It’s not about how much you read, you can enjoy books whether you read 1 a day or 1 a month ๐Ÿ˜‰


  • This is a great Post! I totally agree with all of these especially Judging people for what books they read. I don’t like classics because I find them boring. I’m also with you on Goodreads ratings and negative reviews.


  • Great post. (Also hi!!! We haven’t talked in a loooong time!!)
    Anyway, agreed about everything. Goodreads ratings ARE complete BS, mostly because there are so many people. I do, however, trust the ratings of a handful of people who are my friends ๐Ÿ™‚ so those ratings under the book blurb really do make a difference for me. That’s what they mean when they say that it’s the age of influencers, I guess ๐Ÿ™‚


  • Well said!
    I don’t watch movie adaptation very often, mainly cuz i don’t like them very much compared to the book. So yea, i just don’t spend time watching them & getting upset about them ๐Ÿ˜€

    Some of my fave books are rated quite low-ish on Goodreads. 3.3 – 3.4 … i read them before i actually started caring & spending time on goodreads. I try not to go by the number rating. I look for reviews of people whose taste is similar to mine. If they liked it, there are chances i will enjoy it too ๐Ÿ™‚


  • Totally agree with letting people read whatever the hell they want! Also with Goodreads. Although that’s why I started reviewing and blogging, I’m moving further and further away from it because it also put so much pressure on me to read than I used to feel pre-Goodreads.


  • Uhm… did I just ghost-write this??? I agree with you on all these points! I also have a draft regarding “unpopular bookish opinions” which is kinda similar to this, but it’s for a guest post in a book club on Instagram! Seriously, the only ones discriminating bookworms are bookworms as well.


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  • I love everything you said SO MUCH! Totally agree with every word! Especially negative reviews, book-to-movie adaptations, and the Goodreads rating system. What I tend to do, is only look at the reviews by my friends and the people I follow. Hahahaha. Also, how have I never found your blog, before!? Hi! โค


  • I stopped rating books on my blog just to avoid the peer pressured into accepting everyone’s thoughts and ideas. Another comparison I can’t stop is among the number of books I read vs what is expected of a book blogger. Sigh I will never be able to reach that.


  • This post is amazing!

    And I totally agree with your comments about Goodreads. I recently rated a book negatively and gave my truthful thoughts on the book, it ended up in the author emailing me and telling me that she was concerned with how I took the book ๐Ÿ™ˆ surely that’s my own problem, and not hers? I was really uncertain on how I felt about her email because it was perfectly polite but unfortunately I guess she had to learn the hard way that if somebody puts their art out there for the world to judge, they need to be ready for criticism. Not that I enjoy criticising people, especially on works which haven’t taken a considerable amount of time and effort, but I will always give my honest opinion. So anyway, yeah this is a really great post, thanks for sharing!


  • Yes to this post!! The number of books read a year/month is not important!! And so agree with you about not judging/criticising people for what they read!! People are allowed to like different things. hehe I know what you mean about seeking out reviews from people I trust over goodreads- I find that I never use GR for finding books, but for storing lists/books read and seeing what people I know have read and liked. Ahh so agree with you about negative reviews!! hahahah I hear you about judging a movie by the book’s standards- I’m so guilty of this though ๐Ÿ˜‰


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