Top 5 Blogging Tips

Hi y’all!! This post has been requested for some time now. I got questions around all of my platforms on providing you some of my blogging tips, mostly for beginners, but I find myself coming back to these tips a few times this year hehe. I learned all of these via my blogging experience.

#1 – Write For Yourself and Stay True To Yourself

First and probably the most important tip in any blogging field! You should be writing about something that will motivate you (a passion, a hobby, a point of view, discussion post). Don’t write something because it’s what “trending” or because it’s what the publishers or brands want you to.

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“But how do I know what to write about?” Honestly, anything. Don’t be too hard on yourself. What do you want to write about at this moment? I started as a fashion blogger and then one day, I decided to review a book I recently read. Since I’ve always been a bookworm, I told myself why not writing about books instead? That’s how I found my niche. Then a few years later, I started blogging about food and reviewing the restaurants I go to.

#2 – Be Creative

The amount of blogs that I’m following and reading per day is too damn high. To get people’s attention, you have to be creative. That’s where it got interesting and this is the reason why I love blogging. It allowed to explore that creative side of mine. So how can you be creative?

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  • Experiment with graphic designs, putting up some designs in your posts always make it more pleasant to look at
  • If you’re not into graphics, you can also be creative with your words (an original title always gets someone’s attention, the comedy tone of the posts, etc.)
  • Experiment with photography, a personal favourite! I think photography is an amazing skill if you enjoy capturing the moments and let go of your imagination.
  • Get inspired, go out there, check out what other bloggers do !

#3 – Build a Community

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My first years of blogging consisting of building a community around me. It’s being genuinely interested in other people’s content by commenting and creating a dialogue. I can’t emphasize how much Reciprocity is important to your blogging. It helps when you have a solid bond is whenever you need to take a break (I experience this first-hand), you get the whole support of the community. ❤

#4 – Be Consistent

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The hardest tip to give and to maintain : consistency. Unfortunately, everybody got their everyday lives, we get busy and we don’t always have time to blog or even maintaining a conversation. I definitely saw a decrease of dialogues and reciprocity when I’m not consistent and started to lay off. So for all the beginners, if you are consistent throughout your blogging and not giving up, you will start seeing some results.

#5 – Do Not Compare Yourself

This tip can be applied to everything in life. Do not compare to yourself to other bloggers. Everyone has a different path, a different context and life. Be inspired by others but do not let numbers blind your real goal of blogging (the importance of tip #1). It’s hard, I know. Because all the numbers are everywhere and all over the place. But if you can remind yourself why you are blogging at first then you can better cope with it.

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You are all awesome !! ❤ I love this blogging community and I will try to be more present in the next year. I was just caught in a lot of things these last months and I’m still trying to find the perfect balance. I enjoyed blogging and writing too much to give it up haha.

See you soon!



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