The Art of The Good Life – 52 Surprising Shortcuts to Happiness, Wealth, and Success

As I’m reading this book, I realized why I never really got into non-fiction and self-help trends because there are a lot of bias around the tricks and tips. However, I want to still write a proper review and analysis of the book as to why I think it’s not great.


The book is about 52 chapters with 5 to 10 pages each explaining how you can have a better life. These chapters are considered so-called “shortcuts” to wealth and success. Well, let me tell you one thing: there are no shortcuts to such things. Reading about it just makes me think how people want a simpler version, a magical formula to a happy life when there isn’t. Everyone is different.


Among of the tips: be an opinion-less person to make our lives easier (which I strongly disagree), true calling is non-sense (and he doesn’t offer an alternative to why he thinks it’s like that) and I find it ironic that he has an entire chapter calling How Ideologues Oversimplify Things and it’s exactly what he did with this book. He plucked out psychology and sociology experiments in order to show how “wrong” we are about our lives while not really giving any relevant information to better ourselves. Another fact hat really bothers me is the fact that he completely wiped out the notion of introspection while promoting a peaceful and mindfulness life.

Of course, it’s not completely bullshit, there are some chapters I agree with for example the one he talks about Envy, although it’s hard to compare ourselves, we should focus on on our own success.


But overall, it’s always the same format : some random anecdote to begin the chapter, following by some science experiment with no references and then his statement of the tip he’s giving. I feel he wanted to cover a bunch of subjects while only mentioning the surfaces so the reader ends up with nothing in the end but a bunch of buzzwords. Instead of really finding one specific niche and develop on it with more concrete arguments.

RATING : 2/5

Thank you to Hachette Canada for sending me a copy of this book to review! 


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