How To Create The Perfect Instagram Feed

Hi Guys! I finally have some time to sit down and address one of the most requested question: How do you create an Instagram feed? I’ve had experience with bookstagram, foodstagram, and fashion lifestyle theme over the past 5 years I’ve been an Instagrammer. I created a list of tips and habits I used to and still do to maintain that feed aesthetic, hope you enjoy!


When creating content, it’s very important to know what you have access to and what you don’t have. You can dream about creating a picture but if you don’t have the same tools as the other influencers, you will not be able to recreate it. So my advice is this : use your everyday environment to your advantage. If you live in Montreal like me, where winter is 60% of the time,I can’t really fancy creating nice beach pictures laying around in bikinis. You know what I mean.  What do I do instead? I use indoors settings to compose my pictures. For example, a book on a bed, a lot of textures to play around. 

Capture d’écran 2019-06-17 à 17.51.46
Trang @ Bookidote


If you just start an Instagram account, always start with natural lighting. You don’t need a fancy camera to take pictures, a phone camera with a good natural lighting source can do a good job. The pictures are mostly clear, crisp and sharp. For example, I usually love to go beside the window in coffee shops. The spot where you’ll get the most natural lighting.


I don’t like the tip about choosing a filter and stick to it. Sometimes filter doesn’t do anything and it becomes actually boring for the followers to have the same repetitive filters. One way I found to have fun and let go of your creative mind but also respect a certain theme, is having a color palette and having fun with it.  I always loved the dark aqua tones, that’s what I’m using for my feed. 

Two tools I use to identify my color palette :


If you don’t find a palette, don’t panic. I’m constantly changing my theme because I love experimenting with colors, with time you’ll see which ones you prefer and which ones to keep.

instagram feed




Having apps to schedule your posts or even just to preview how your feed would look like help a lot on assuring the fluidity of your account. Preview App, Later App and UNUM  are all good apps to do the job. But the most important tip I can give you is to also space out your feed, let it breathe. Don’t overstuff your feed with the same types of angles and pictures every single time. I rotate my pictures: one you can find the full body type of outfit picture, then a close up of food, one focused more on the background, one flatlay, etc. It’s important to be consistent but people also get bored with the same angle. How can you stand out from the rest of Instagrammers if you’re doing the same angles every single time? 

Related image

Let me know if you have any other questions concerning Instagram, would be happy to help! 😀

Best Regards,



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