Marvel’s The Eternals : Who Are They

Yesterday at the D23 Expo, the cast of The Eternals just revealed their costumes and it looks amazing. As a team Marvel member, I was inspired to talk about them on  But before we start jumping on the excitement of the new Marvel upcoming movie, who are the eternals? 

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Jack Kirby, aka the King of Comics, was an iconic comic book artist, renowned for his characters, world buildings he created still appear in a lot of pop cultures today. His greatest creations with the help of Stan Lee are : The Hulk, The Mighty Thor, Black Panther, penciled Loki, The Fantastic Four, and after a brief time with DC comics, New Gods as well.

Jack Kirby always had a fascination for mythology and metaphysics and that’s  how The Eternals were created.


The Eternals are pretty much the ancestors of the Marvel Universe we know. In this version, the first creatures known as The Celestials are giants who came to Earth to experiment on the living creatures. We saw them in The Guardians of The Galaxy.

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 That’s how Homo Sapiens evolved from their creations, but they also created what they called The Deviants. The black sheep of the evolutionary process. So you can guess what The Eternals are.. they are the one that hit the jackpot of this genetic experiment: perfect human being, with extraordinary beauty and cosmic power. Oh and they’re also immortals.

Kirby wanted to justify our mythologies through the medium of The Eternals; they live in top mountains that’s how humans were inspired to create myths like Olympia and Zeus.


Describing the Eternals is like going through all the X-Men members, there are way too many. For now, I’ll focus on the  three main ones that the movie will be focusing on. 


The most powerful of the gang | Powers: flight, energy projection, super strength, and limited teleportation.

Ikaris will be played by Richard Madden


A scholar and warrior, the rightful leader of the gang, she’s the daughter of Zuras. Zuras was the first leader generation of the Eternals.  Powers of Thena : high intellect, combat skills, Superhuman speed, strength, durability, and regeneration, Energy blasts, Flight. Illusion generation, Matter transmutation, Mind control, Telekinesis, Telepathy, Teleportation. LOL okay a total bad-ass.

Thena will be played by Angelina Jolie


Probably one my favourite character of The Eternals is Sersi, inspired by Circe . Powerful seductress and enchantress, who left the God-like life to help the humans. Except the obvious cosmic power that every Eternal has, Sersi has the ability to alter molecular and atomic structures of all matter including living organisms. However, she has expressed difficulty in rearranging sub-atomic matter.

thena_angelinajolie (1)
Sersi wil be played by Gemma Chan

The other Eternals introducing in the new MCU movie are: Ajak a Trojan Warrior, Phastos the genius who would likely create the team’s technology, Makkari is the fastest of the team, Gilgamesh aka The Forgotten One is one of the strongest Eternals equaling Thor and Hercules; Kingo as the master swordman and Sprie, the youngest of the team but it’s only because he’s stuck in a body of a child.

Let me know if you want me to a part 2 with the rest of The Eternals 🙂

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Let me know if you’d love me to review the new Eternals comics, I’ve read a few ones of the series recently and have a lot of thoughts on it.  The movie is set to be released in 2020 ! Are you excited for Phase 4 ? 



    • Thanks Chris!! They were wildly popular before but I don’t know why they never made it to the pop culture AHAH glad they’re bringing them back! Would try to review thee comics as well 😊


  • I’ll not be watching Phase 4. And since it seems that the Eternals will be taking over as the main group, ala New Avengers, and the group is even bigger, I’m definitely not interested in the MCU any more. Big groups are not my thing. I barely made it through the first X-men trilogy and when more kept coming out, I just didn’t bother with them anymore.

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    • Hahha it’s funny cauz big groups are absolutely my. I love keeping up with them but I can understand how you feel, it can be quite overwhelming 🙂

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      • The whole “group” thing really resonates with a large segment of fandom, hence the popularity of X-men, Justice League, Avengers, etc.

        I’ll just stick to my solo hero and let others enjoy the groups 🙂

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        • Ahaha indeed, it certainly resonates with me ! I love the whole group things and there are also solo heroes I admire a lot 😊 I just like to enjoy everything in the comics world . Who’s your favorite solo hero?

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          • I am a Superman fan first and foremost. Not the kind of fan who knows every detail, but the kind that just enjoys what he stands for and represents.


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