IT Chapter Two : Movie Review

I have had such an intense week and I still have a sh***t tons of workload to do for my clinical tomorrow (#medlife haha) but I’m going to keep it short here and list you the reasons I enjoyed this movie and I think it’s worth watching.


  1. It’s scarier and darker than the first movie. I don’t know if it was because of the two girls sitting behind me in the theatre who were screaming NON-STOP, but this movie was pretty scary. The creatures are also a bit more twisted. Yes, the scare scenes are obvious but it doesn’t remove the effect of it. Even my boyfriend was jumping out of his seat on one scene and he never gets emotional about anything LOL
  2. BILL HADER.  They did such a good job on the casting but the one person that really comes out is Bill Hader. A scene stealer. A character who started out as being an humorist, hides his vulnerability behind the comedy but that vulnerability is coming out slowly towards the end of the movie. Image result for it chapter 2 poster
  3. More laughs. The dialogues and scripts are witty and funny,  it’s the right balance of a horror movie who succeeded to make you scared a bit while also make you laugh out loud.
  4. Seeing how the adults are dealing with their traumas. This is what intrigues me on a psychological level, how their behaviours and their childhood kind of reflected their adult lives. For example, it was interesting to see the husband Beverly ends up with, mirroring her paternal figure. Did you notice it?
  5. The realism of the fear.It’s not a bunch of people who dealth with this kind of trauamtic experience that immediately go: OKAY LET’S DESTROY HIM ONE MORE TIME HURRAY. They have panics, anixety attack, they freeze, we see how  it has repercussions on their lives and how they are not totally free from it.


Have you watched the sequel? How did you like it? You can also read my review of the first movie here and the book here





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