Superman: Action Comics: Invisible Mafia by Brian Michael Bendis

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  • Maybe it’s because I don’t really know much about this superhero and don’t have knowledge about DC comics BUT SUPERMAN IS MY LEAST FAVORITE EVERR! 🤣🤣🤣 I am sorry but I had to say it! 🤣🤣🤣 Still, you have put such acute attention to the pros and cons of this one while still making it sound…I don’t know…AWESOMEEE!? 😍😍❤️ Loved the review, Lashaan. AS ALWAYSS! ❤️❤️

    I loved the Suicide Squad though? 🤣🤣

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  • Wow!! To do two different Superman story arcs at once?! Am I reading you right Lashaan?! That is crazy hard!! I do like the idea of Superman being disturbed by the fact his loved ones are MIA. I don’t really understand what the invisible mafia is either… but it sounds cool. Its the new lore, right? Like Joker to Batman? Anyway I’m glad you enjoyed this!! 😀

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  • I like the idea of two story lines and by your review it sounds that it was pulled off rather well 😊 I’m interested to see where the invisible mafia goes? Great review!

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    • Yep, it’s definitely pretty interesting in the sense that he can explore different angles while focusing the story in similar directions. I do wonder if he can make the whole Invisible Mafia bit more interesting though. Thanks for reading! Really appreciate it! 😁

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  • Huh, I am willing to make a leap of faith here – Bendis’ work rarely disappoints and I like the idea of Metropolis own Court of Owls (even though the name is so woefully unimaginative! Invisible Mafia… Ugh! 😜)

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    • Hahah it is indeed a bit silly 😂 Sometimes there’s a nice surprise underneath though.

      Hmmm I figured it was the best way to showcase the art without having a bunch of photos stacked one after the other. I could try the mosaic style but it seemed a but odd, consider my art pictures have edges that cut into the book. The slideshows allow black outlining and also helps shrink pictures so no one falls on any spoiler dialogues by accidenr hahah Do you think you’d prefer if it was showcased differently?

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      • No, I totally like it that way. The reason I was asking is because I’m brainstorming a little about my own blog. This month’s Blogging Tip question is regarding images in posts. Aside from the featured/ cover photo I do not use any, but I might consider changing it. But there are some concerns, so I’m trying to investigate various options, experiences and thoughts.

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        • Ohhh that’s kind of you to say, I appreciate it. It took me years of blogging to settle with this structure though. I used to also put a full large picture between each paragraph, for example. I just found this to be better, so that people don’t get too distracted by the artwork while reading my stuff, or to help those who are just curious about the artwork to check it out at the end.

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  • Great review sir, glad to hear you enjoyed this first volume of Action, especially since you weren’t completely enthralled by Man of Steel and volume 1 of the main Superman book. I’m intrigued by the Invisible Mafia and love the way Action has a different approach and feel to the main Superman series. I thought the rotation of artists would taint the experience but, although Patrick Gleason’s rendering of Supes is a bit too reminiscent of Mr. Incredible at times, it didn’t bother me too much!

    I continue to enjoy both comics (although the latest Super Sons-focused issue of Superman was surprisingly a little ‘meh’) and highly recommend you read volume 2 of Action as it sets up “Event Leviathan” and features the sublime art of Steve Epting…for the whole arc!

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    • Thanks, Chris. Yep. While Man of Steel and Superman were fun, I found Action Comics to be much more enthralling although Superman’s artwork seemed a lot more vibrant and exciting. At least in Action Comics the artwork was original a lot of times. I’m curious about the Super Sons arc, I have the first trade of Peter J. Tomasi’s Adventures of the Super Sons that I look forward to trying too. I don’t know if it’s too distracting in the Superman arc but I hope not hahah And yes! Hourrah for a full-time artist for a full arc!!!


  • Lashaan I have just realized that I did not know that Superman was married to Lois nor that he had a son!!!! Qee? that’s why I love going on your blog as you fill in big holes in my comics culture 😉

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  • I’m impressed at how it is possible to have more than one thousand issues but still produce something good hahaha 😂 Also, I was so surprised at the shape of the “boxes” in the last picture 😯 Great review, Lashaan! 😘

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