The Grey Sisters by Jo Treggiari – Blog Tour

I was really excited to read Jo Treggiari’s new book, as I really liked Blood Will Out last year. The Grey Sisters is a novel about friendships, loved losses and what’s it like to seek for closures. However, as much as I make it sound like a sweet one, this book is not. This book is twists and turns and a very compiling thriller. A genre that Jo Treggiari has mastered well.

If a book succeeds in me finishing it in one seating while enjoying it, it’s a big win for me. That’s how The Grey Sisters did for me. However, for a book to reach the 5 stars, I need more substances in the twist and the plot twists have to be out of this world. Which is something I think the author can reach after writing a few more thrillers. That’s what’s hard with reviewing thrillers, often, I’ve seen the elements somewhere else yet we, as readers, still expect thrillers to surprise us. Only a few come in a lifetime, a thriller will leave me speechless.

For this book, I really like reading about the perspective of a child growing up in a cult and how her story unfolds to relate to the main arc. Something about cults always give terrifying vibes, but that’s for another time. The thing is, this book a the right amount of suspense, thrillers and a little bit of that feeling where you think someone is watching over from afar. Just enough to make the reader react.

The blog tour continues this week! Check out all the other amazing bloggers 😊

Thank you to Penguin Random House for this opportunity!


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