Lashaan’s Monthly Wrap-Up | October 2019

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  • You’ve said something so true Lashaan with “stick to your belief”. I won’t lie: it won’t be always easy but as I said one of my boss “I want to look proudly in the mirror at the end of the day”. When in doubt, I just think about it 😉 Happy halloween!

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  • The ending + the reading mouse is so cheesy. But on point.
    I like to think that I prompted your Joker review. You were going to take forever to get to it and I sped things up.
    The funny thing is that I have not seen this poster before, yet it looks a bit like an idea I had for the cover of my book.I ended up going with another idea, but it just made me wonder about the creators of this poster. Maybe I will be great like them one day.

    I’ve kept busy, too. Slowed down on reading. I don’t like reading two books as once, so I really solely focused on the audio book. I think I’m running out of steam when it comes to reading this year. I think I’m preparing myself for my own edits…

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    • What can I say. Sometimes life has legitimate cheesiness for us to embrace with open arms! 🙂
      You were indeed a factor among others that made me want to write it up sooner rather than later. I really ended up talking about the movie to friends and colleagues a lot and wanted to write it up before my thoughts get lost amongst other reviews by countless others who will have seen it. If it could help some to go watch it and help it beat box offices records (that it did beat), then I’m happy hahah
      I can TOTALLY see you having a book with such a poster, especially with the kinds of story you share with us hahaha
      Hhahaha everything has its own time. Maybe 2020 will have you blitzing through more books and have less writing done. Who knows! 😀

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      • Now I’m stoked.

        Because your reviews are much more indepth than mine. I was looking at stats earlier this week and my average word count per post is just under 600. And that includes the synopsis and little legal blurb. So it is nice to a read a longer review and get some more thorough thoughts.

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  • Hahahha Bookstooge is/you’re so funny. (I couldn’t help but comment as his comment was right above mine.) 😀

    I’m glad your month went as well as you hoped! I have to say though better you read and enjoy then consume and be slumping. I am fascinating to learn what you think of the Hobbit too. And I was so glad you shared what you thought about Joker! That was fun and insightful. I will be trying to watch it at some point. 😉

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    • Thanks for your support, Dani! I always appreciate it and am always glad to hear your thoughts on anything I read/share. And indeed. I haven’t yet been in a real slump but it’s something I’ll always make sure to avoid.


  • I really like the Lightbringer books, I have the latest one sitting on my shelf unread because its so big and I’m intimidated. However I know once I start reading it I won’t want to put it down 😀

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    • Oh maaaaan, I totally understand! I’m at the 3rd book and it’s really the longest book so far in the series but I know I’m going to have a blast with it too. Can’t wait to finally get to the 5th and final book too hahah Happy reading! 😀


  • Much as we would like to read quickly to be able to enjoy as many books as we want (because there are always so many books and so little time…), taking our time with them, savoring the story and the writing and the immersion in the worlds they picture makes it all worthwhile . 🙂
    Happy reading!

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    And Shades of Magic?! Why do I get the feeling that I havent read your review of it yet?!? *GASPPP* I am going to have to catch up on a couple of posts that I missed! BUT SERIOUSLY!! I ENJOYED READING EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOUR REVIEWSSSS!! 😍☺️😊



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    • Hahahah it’s Schwab’s comic book spin-off series of her Shades of Magic trilogy and honestly, it’s not impressive and only hardcore fans who want to be “completionists” should take a look at it…

      You’re too kind hahaha thank you for the warm wishes and I hope you have a fantaastic month of November filled with happiness and love as well! 😀

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      • Ooohhh!! I remember that review now! It wasnt up to the mark, right? You didnt like it that much! Yep…I remember reading it! 😊😊

        THANK YOU SOO MUCHHH! ❤️❤️

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  • This month really flew by and as always I am amazed at how many things you managed to do and read ahah 😄 The seminar sounds really interesting, and I’ve heard that autumn in Canada is really beautiful! I’m glad you had a great time around your girlfriend’s birthday, pretty sure you went to a lot of delicious restaurants and cool places 😉 Also, I really understand what you say about “savouring” a book, as it is what I am doing at the moment with Anna Karenina, that I love so much that I don’t really want to finish! That also reminds me that I still have to read the Hobbit, and I am really excited for this as well ! 😄 Thanks for sharing this great post Lashaan!

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    • Hahaaha I’m sure you discovered a lot of wonderful places in your new, dark and gloomy region of the world! 😛 Ohhhh, yes. The food. It would have made you madly salivate. 😉

      I love when a book does that to you when you least expect it to. Although it does make me a bit late in what I was supposed to read by now hhahaha Oh boy, you definitely need to read some Tolkien, considering that I’ve heard that you love the movies! 😀 Have a wonderful month of November, Juliette! 😛

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      • I know… I’m actually thinking about when I can come back to Canada ahah 😀
        Also, I have read some Tolkien (The Lord of the Rings trilogy) but not the Hobbit – yet! It’s definitely on my list though 😊
        Thank you and have a lovely month as well!

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  • Looks like I really need to check out Weeks at some point! 😉
    You’re reading The Hobbit! Yay! It’s such a wonderful book 😀
    Glad your seminar worked out!

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    • I’d love to hear your thoughts on The Black Prism someday. Especially if you’re intrigued! 😀
      About time I finally dove into that one huh hahahah
      Thanks, Ola! Hope you had a great month of October yourself. I feel like you had a busy week at some point but I’m glad you still pumped out a couple of posts throughout the month. It’s always a pleasure to read what you write.

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      • Thanks, Lashaan!
        Yes, it’s been a tough month, but rewarding, and I do hope it will bring fruit 🙂

        We slowed down a bit with blogging, but we’re still hitting our one-post-a-week schedule, and frankly it doesn’t seem that we could increase the post frequency in the foreseeable future… So once a week it will be, and the upside to it is that I can choose a book to review from many, many options 😉 which will probably translate into mostly either raving or scathing reviews 🤣

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