Blade Runner Is Here

This year on November 1, it’s the official day that took place in Blade Runner, the first movie in the saga inspired by Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep. While we may be very far from the reality depicted in the movie, we are quite close if you consider the technology advances we are witnessing nowadays.

Image result for blade runner day

For the occasion, I invited my boyfriend and one of my photographer friend to recreate the concept of the movie. I always love the aesthetic of Blade Runner 2049, even more so than the first one (sorry to the die-hard fans).


One of my favourite scene from the movie is the cinematic desert walk of Officer K and I couldn’t resist but asking my boyfriend to model for the scene haha.

(c) Shots and edited by @kv_shots my boyfriend as The Officer K



I loved the outfits worn by JOI in the movie ! It’s simple, futuristic and heavily influenced by Asian culture.


What do you think of this concept? Did you like the movies? 🙂 


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