2019 in blogging: why I don’t comment back & improvements

I wrote a post not a long time ago about my accomplishments in the blogging sphere and I’m sorry I disabled the comments by accident LOL It’s back on now 😉 But for the second part of this series, I wouldn’t be honest if I haven’t addressed the downside of my blogging experience in 2019.


As I focused on new goals, I have unfortunately had to prioritize my time and neglect some other aspects of blogging. My whole daily routine is to run to my classes, then straight to the hospital where I would shadow a doctor and finish the day working at the hospital as a physician assistant. They say medstudents don’t have a life? That’s partly true. I’m trying to have one, here. On top of that, there’s reading, going to the gym, updating my other blogs, schedule my collaborations and sponsors, travels, and make time for content creation.

(c) Trang – Bookidote

All of these projects keep me afloat but Bookidote is where I can be low-key, take everything in slow motion and be myself. Even if it takes me a whole month to write a decent post or post a comment haha. My biggest loss is probably the connection with my followers on Bookidote because of it. I don’t have much time to go and read on other peoples posts anymore, even less leave a comment. I’m really sorry about that!


But I believe commenting should be a genuine act.

For me, I totally respect those who reply to all the comments or even commenting on every blog. I love relying to the comments but as for commenting on every single post, I just can’t FORCE myself to come up with something to say for the sake of it. If I don’t have anything relevant to contribute, I wouldn’t. I want my followers to feel the same way. You don’t have to come here read the post and comment. If you just want to read it in peace. Go ahead, be my guest. My post is here for that haha.

I still very much appreciate the bloggers who always stick by me and comment on my posts here and there. I see you and I thank you with all of my heart 😀 ❤ I love reading about your feedback!

As for 2020, my goal is to MAKE TIME and get back to commenting and interacting with my fellow followers and even more genuinely ! If you want to share with me any tips & tricks to keep up with all the blogs around you and how you manage the comments, you are welcome to do so!


  • I agree with you that being genuinine is important. That is why I only like posts I read and like :-). I keep up with other people’s blogs and comments through my phone. My kind of life requires me to wait a lot, so that gives me time to do so.

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    • Ouhh I should probably go back and use that WordPress App more often! And yes ahah it gets hard to find time soemtimes and even more to leave genuine comments XD But I’ll try to do my best in the future! Thank you for commenting ❤


  • I’m pretty sure I’ve said this before, but never apologize for putting your priorities on real life things. Blogging is a hobby and nothing more. I’m not denigrating it, just acknowledging its real place in the scheme of things.

    I’m sure you’ll be just as busy next year, so I hope you can find a routine that won’t burn you out.

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    • Thank you so much Bookstooge ! And yes, you mentioned it before and it’s good to hear it for myself from time to time 🙂 I’m definitely looking to try out a few different schedules and routines for the blog and see how it works out.

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  • It’s so hard to comment on everything, so I totally get that. I try to read and like posts so people know that I still care. I tend to not have anything to say or I run out of time in a day. I think most of us get the not wanting to comment something generically. I’m super guilty of that since a lot of my comments say things like thank you and not much else.

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  • I totally understand the priorities situation, because I’m currently in the same boat right now. I haven’t blogged in a couple weeks, and I’m not sure if I’m in the right mood to now that I physically can. I’m taking it as a break and just keeping the blog as my place to relax.

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    • That’s it! Especially if you are not in the mood for commenting or even writing a post, you shouldn’t force yourself. Blogging sill and should always be for yourself first and foremost. I really hope you are taking your break fully, taking care of yourself and come back to us in shape ❤ !

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  • Well Trang I agree with you! I can’t comment if I have nothing genuine to say either. And I totally get that life can be pretty intense!

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    • Thank you so much! 🙂 And you are also one of a few who leaves me a comment here and there, and for that I want to say personally that I appreciate it A LOT.


  • I used to get really hung up on commenting- gosh I think it was this year, not that I expected anyone to come to my blog for a “comment back” but because I just wanted some sort of acknowledgement to a comment I left on someone else’s post. Even if it was just a like to say you’d read it. I don’t always leave comments that require a reply, but it’s just nice to know that the blogger read the comment.

    Then I got a job that required what feels like 100% of my attention during the day. I don’t have time to reply back to comments while I’m at work. I’m also commuting further, and I just generally have less time in my day.

    That taught me a lot about how much work it really can be just to respond to the comments on my own blog, nevermind catching up and commenting on the blogs I follow.

    So I have been humbled. I still do try to catch up with everyone on the weekends, but I know I am missing some posts and the flurry of comments at the beginning of the week is probably a pain. I should probably do a similar post.

    Either way- no worries friend! Your comments are always thoughtful and I for one appreciate it!


  • I totally agree with you about the fact that a comment should be genuine and we shouldn’t be/feel forced to do it! 😊 I personally like to comment quite often on the blogs I like, even if it’s just a word or two. For me, it’s a way to show my support and even if I don’t have much to say, it’s genuine because I feel like the intention behind it is genuine 🤔 (I don’t always do it because I don’t always have the time to leave a comment but I usually make sure to at least like the post). It’s my own personal way of doing it and by no means, it should or could work with anyone else! 😊
    Though, because I always try to leave genuine comments (I know you value honesty so I’ll be honest with you about that), it can feel disappointing or discouraging to leave comments that remain unanswered 😊
    Also, we all have different lives and are busy on different levels so we all need to prioritize some things more than others and it’s normal!. What we chose to prioritize is our own personal choice and we shouldn’t be judged by it! Though, we should also be aware that not putting the priority on certain things will have consequences and if we care about the consequences we have to take action in order to balance everything. I don’t know if it’s clear 😂 For example, I struggle a lot with prioritizing things, so I try to do everything at once and as a consequence, the things I do aren’t as good as if I did one thing after the other. Since I like to do things perfectly (thanks perfectionism 🙄 ) I find myself forced to stop certain activities to put others on a more important level 😯 Not sure if it’s clearer 😂

    Anyway, I know how busy your life is, but I also know that you care a lot about what’s going on on Bookidote, I’m really happy you’re setting yourself goals to be more often here and I’m sure you’ll find the right balance to do it 😊 💪 Can’t wait to interact with you even more !!


  • Gurl! We understand. You’re doing a million things! I’m impressed.
    But I agree that commenting should be genuine too.
    Hope you also get in time to just relax and do nothing but let your mind wander for a few minutes. 🙂


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