Stranger Things : Six- Graphic Novel Review

I am obsessed with anything Stranger Things and I was so happy when I get these copies in my mail. But for the purpose of this post, I will review the graphic novel first and will review the book next time 🙂


Set in the time before everything happens on Stranger Things, it tells the story of Six and how she got recruited by the Hawkins Lab. What started as a highly suspenseful storyline, ends up going nowhere and without a purpose. Now, the main counter-argument would be it is to prepare for the next volume. However, a good first volume of any graphic novel should be able to deliver both a purposeful storyline to hook the readers and to make them want to buy the rest. If no, what’s the point right?

I would give most of the stars for the beautiful art and illustrations. Whenever I can relate to the emotions of the character just by observing the details in the artwork, it’s already won my heart.

Rating : 3/5

One comment

  • I absolutely loved Stranger Things’ universe when I watched season 1 but since I didn’t like season 2 as much, I kind of forgot all the details 🤔 Your post made me truly want to discover more about it, though 😍 I should start by watching season 3 hahaha


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