December Releases I’m Excited For

39122774Children of Virtue and Vengeance 

The sequel to Children of Blood and Bone, I’m way too excited to read this one. I honestly didn’t think they would come out with a sequel when I finish the first book. Anyone else loved the first sequel as much as I loved it? Haha fangirls here.

43923951Such A Fun Age by Kiley Reid 

I usually don’t like to spoil myself while reading the plots but all I know about this book is the social commentary about racism, presumptions, families and mother’s duties.

45442718. sy475 The Paragon Hotel

After reading Jane Steele, I was very curious about The Paragon Hotel by Lindsay Faye. Historical fictions are one of a few genres I love to indulge once in a while. But what fascinates me even more is the Prohibition Era, and how this story will settle in that particular period of times.


36111098. sy475 The Light Of All That Falls 

The last sequel of The Shadow of What Was Lost and finishing this adventure. I have fallen in love with this series way quicker than I ever thought and I still can’t contemplate the feeling of letting it go.  Ending a series is as painful as a breakup.

What books are you excited for December or this Winter ? 😉 



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