Lashaan’s Monthly Wrap-Up | November 2019

Hello ladies & gentlemen,

The month has come to an end and it’s time to do a quick wrap-up of what has been done.

Reading Breakdown.

Novels read: 4 ().
Comic books read: 10 ().
Manga volumes read: 3 ().


The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien
Fate of the Fallen by Kel Kade
The Colour of Magic by Terry Pratchett
The Fourth Courier by Timothy Jay Smith


Luthor by Brian Azzarello
Justice League: Trinity War by Geoff Johns
Preacher (Book One) by Garth Ennis
Superman: Year One by Frank Miller
Hawkeye (Vol. 2) by Matt Fraction
The Flash: 80 Years of the Fastest Man Alive
Forever Evil by Geoff Johns
Black Hammer ’45 by Jeff Lemire
Hawkeye (Vol. 3) by Jeff Lemire


V for Vendetta (2005)


12973648. sx318

My first attempt at this classic and it was a marvelous adventure!

Check out my review for The Hobbit for more on my thoughts!


44231692. sy475

Spin-offs can be complicated and this is a stellar example of a case gone wrong.

Check out my review of Black Hammer ’45 for more on my thoughts.


Image result for the irishman poster

A terrifyingly intimate look at a man’s journey through hardship by turning into a hitman. 

This is director Martin Scorsese and the mobster trio (Robert De Niro, Al Pacino, and Joe Pesci) at their best. 

This is how cinema is supposed to be done.

Really glad to have checked this one out in theatres with my girlfriend during its limited-time release. It’s now available on Netflix and it deserves every second of your time.

5 outta 5 stars.



Making my way to the grand finale. So far it remains one of the best high fantasy series ever! 

Check out my review of the second one to find out why YOU should read this series too!


 November turned out to be a busy month but nothing unexpected. With assignments that were due almost every week and work-related meetings that had me going to all kinds of locations, I feel like I was so much less stationery than in previous months and I’m completely fine with that.

They say that keeping your mind busy is a great way to keep yourself far from any temptation for procrastination. It’s not a lie. I think it’s important that we always do things that we love but also that somehow challenges you to do better. It’s by pushing yourself to become the best version of yourself through those self-identified challenges that you can at least say that you did your best after all.

Image result for succeed gif

Thank you all for checking out my monthly wrap-up and don’t forget to check out any posts that might interest you or that you might have missed out on!

Stayed tuned for my Monthly Anticipation post coming out soon. 😉

So what’s going on with y’all? What have you discovered this month? What are your thoughts on the books/TV series/movies I’ve checked out?

Yours truly,




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