Green Lantern: Rebirth by Geoff Johns

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  • Yeah, as much as I admire your enthusiasm, I just can’t treat Green Lantern seriously 😉 Not only because of the ill-fated movie (truly horrible, I might add) but because of the general absurdity of the green ring-wearer 😜 though granted, one should admire Johns’ effort! 😀

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    • Quite unfortunate that the movie left such a nasty impression on you but maaaaan, the character is so much more! How emotions and the colour spectrum go hand in hand, and all the good stuff. Hopefully someday something will change your mind on these Emerald Crusaders. Maybe a new Green Lantern Corps movie. 😀

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      • I will sound rather ruthless, but I preferred Hal Jordan dead 😛 I thought it was a really nice story arc, and a solid reminder that everyone has light and darkness within. Sigh.
        I’m too picky for the color spectrum and emotions thing – I can’t forget it’s cultural and the relations between the two are completely arbitrary 😉 But I’m glad you’re enjoying this!

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  • I am with you on the quality of the artwork Lashaan! Now Green Lantern has always been one of my least favorite and I don’t have any idea why!

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    • It’s indeed great. Ahhh, I think it’s something that was absorbed in pop culture by everyone. Sort of like how Aquaman seemed like a joke but once the movie came out, many loved the character (or at least the actor hahah). Hopefully someday people will change their thoughts and impressions on the Green Lanterns. 😉


  • The art is quite vivid and the quality stellar. I’m not a fan of super heroes but with that art I’m quite tempted. I love that he’s built up this new mythology around green lantern even while setting him up to return to the super hero world. Sometimes this balance is the hardest thing for comic writers to do well.

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  • Awesome review my friend! I have the original trade paperback of Rebirth but had to pick up this new Deluxe hardcover for the oversized trimming and the extras, especially the Darwyn Cooke story. I loved what Geoff Johns did with the Green Lantern mythos during his run and Rebirth was a perfect way to reset things and restore Hal Jordan to rightful prominence (no easy task given his fall from grace in the early 90s).

    Have you read the Flash: Rebirth? It’s also by Johns and Ethan Van Sciver and does a similar job of placing Barry Allen back at the forefront.

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    • Thanks, Chris! I do love the deluxe hardcover edition for its size and content too. It’s also a wonderful place for anyone to start if they want to read about the Green Lantern Corps. I have the Flash: Rebirth with the return of the Flash on my list of priorities. Hoping on a deluxe hardcover for it too actually hahah

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      • Yeah, I have the Flash: Rebirth in hardcover but it’s only the regular trim size so hopefully there’ll be an eventual Deluxe Edition. I’d like to see a Deluxe release of Green Lantern: Secret Origin as well which would make for a perfect companion piece to GL: Rebirth.

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