How to Decorate Your Apartment for the Holidays

I am the most excited girl in the world about the Holidays and I want to share this little Christmas vibe with all of you. I am in my stressful exams period now for medschool so here’s a super light and fun post from me ❄️ Hope you enjoy it!

I love doing compositions for my shoots. I always look for items that would compliment the theme by recycling the objects I already got around me. Here I took some ornaments on the Christmas tree and some flowers.

I also wanted some red and gray theme for the Holidays since most of my couch is gray and the couch is the centerpiece of my living room.

Shoutout to Plato’s book here! 

I went for super cheap ornaments in Canadian Tire packets of 40 red ornaments and 10 silver ones haha. My pillows come from Simons Home and opted for the little deers in white lines for a more refined look.

Who says Holidays, of course, says pastries and tons of sweets!

Finally, some reading socks to complete the comfortable booknook!



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