Best Movies 2019

As a tradition, I always put a list of restaurants, books and movies in Excel Sheets to rate them properly. In this list, I only include movies coming out last year, I do not include movies released other years.

I watched 45 movies and my criteria are as follows:

Story ( Conflict, Dialogue, Pacing, Theme and Plot Execution),

Characters ( Development, Aspiration, Performance, Emotional Affect),

Visual (Cinematography, Set Design, Visual Effects),

Audio (Scores, Sound Effects, Ambience) 

I put a score for each criteria and then it gives an overall score for the movie.

Capture d’écran, le 2020-01-12 à 23.03.06

Without further do, here are my top movies of 2019 : 


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A retelling of Antigone but done beautifully by the Montreal team, I was surprised and impressed that my town can do such a movie. The movie deals with immigration and the conflict of identities and what you are capable to do for your family. I cried like a baby in this movie.

Score: 8,9/10 


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Funny, moving and well-thought story, The Farewell has made me live a lot of emotions. I ended up going out of the theatre brawling my eyes out and my friend too. It was just too much. I think it deals with a lot of Asian values, the little gestures that my Mom and Dad would do for me and I finally see it on screen how it reflects to the real life. Awkwafina  also recently won The Golden Globe for Best Actress in this movie 😀

Score : 8,8/10

3. US

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I didn’t realize how much I loved this movie until I rated it with my Excel Sheet. From suspense to horror elements to the perfect movie soundtrack, Jordan Peele successfully created a suspenseful masterpiece. The songs still haunt me and fascinate me to this day.

Score: 8,7/10


I was going to include only my top 3 movies but it was a tie between Us and Parasite. I wrote a full on review about this amazing movie here, check it out ! It also won Best Foreign Movie at the Golden Globes.

Score  8,7 / 10 


  • I’d very much like to see Parasite, it has a lot going for it from the perspective of elements/people I enjoy in movies. And I’m very curious about Us, as well. The other two I’d not heard of, so thanks for bringing those to my attention.


  • I remember a while ago, when I just started reading your blog (was it almost 2 years ago? 😱), you wrote a similar post with a graph explaining all the different criteria you use to rate movies, I’m amazed at how you do it! I said that I would do the same from now on but I still haven’t haha 😂


  • I haven’t watched any of these! I don’t watch a lot of movies, though. I’ll blame it on that. I do have a couple of these reserved at my library, though. Hopefully, I’ll get to watch them soon.


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