The Witcher Season 1 : Netflix Review

I’ve read The Last Wish 2 years ago and honestly loved that book, I should definitely read the sequels to see what it’s like. I was very excited when I learned that the Witcher is coming on Netflix, you can check out the trailer below:


To start off, people thinking that it’s a Game of Thrones knock off, this book series were released way before A Song of Fire and Ice  so..

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Second, you shouldn’t compare this to Game of Thrones because they have very different messages and elements. Where Game of Thrones are more about families and variant characters plot lines and a few dragons and maybe a witch, The Witcher is all about one independent character trying to defeat Destiny and monsters living in a world full of elves, giants, monsters and a lot more witches and wizards than Game of Thrones. 


Set in a medieval society where magic is quite common, we are introduced by the first scene to a Henry Cavill as Geralt of Rivia fighting off a big spider monster in a smoky pond. It started off great, it grips the spectator right away and as the journey continues, I believe that Henry Cavill did a pretty good job in this role.  Geralt appears to be a cynical and apathetic character, however, when a close friend needs help, he can be loyal to the end.


The dark personality goes along with the overall tone of the show, it reveals that it’s not the fairytale we are expecting. You are going to see some nasty creatures in these episodes and a lot of butchering. Netflix never shies away from violence when it needs to be.

I think for the most parts, the series did the book justice by staying close to the plots and quests. The side characters are also very interesting, my favourite dynamics are Yennefer and Tissaia, the master and the student who keep pushing each other to their limits.

However, it would be even better if they took time to transit the audience into proper progression of Yennefer’s control of power. She appeared to have really weak control but somehow still emanates a lot of power and energy, but we don’t get to really see how she became the most powerful sorceress. In the end, she just is. But other than that, I’m living for all the women-can-fight moments in this show 😉


Jaskier is such a nice addition to the show, funny and quirky character that gives the show a nice humour and light touch. And now YOU CAN TOSS A COIN TO YOUR WITCHER 😉


  • With the best sword fight scene in a medieval fantasy live action! And butts, indiscriminated butts.


  • Omg preach about the stupid comparisons to GoT. I’m SO TIRED of people who don’t understand the appeal of genre fiction claiming all fantasies are the same just because they are fantasy. It’s like saying Titanic and Love Actually are the same movie because they are both romances >.>


  • Oh my gosh! Kinda wish I didn’t read that last line of your review. It was so hard to get the song out my head lol! I love it so much.
    I didn’t expect to love this show either, but it was great. I’m looking forward to season two. I really like the Tissaia character as well, or maybe how well the actress plays her. Yen is great too.


  • Not watched this yet. Looking forward to it. Everyone I’ve spoken to has warned me to expect time skips. Can’t wait, though. Loved the games, found Blood of Elves to be one of the most boring things I’ve read … and am expecting the tv series to be exciting 🙈


  • I was really excited about this too but I have to admit that I was quite disappointed by it 😭 the scenes and the action, in general, go to fast so it doesn’t allow me to understand the character as deeply as I would like to! Anyway, it’s still a great show! 😊


  • I can understand people are comparing this show to the Game of Thrones show. Mainly being because they are both of the fantasy genres and are both based on popular books. For me personally, I think the comparisons are just stemming from the void left behind from GoT and that we just want to fill that void with another high-quality series of the same genre. Awesome Review!


  • I thoroughly enjoyed The Witcher 3. I know the show is closer to the books than the video games, but if anything, that makes me more interested in the show than I would have been if it was a direct adaptation of the games. I’ve heard that the show is mostly good.

    As for the pointless Game of Thrones comparisons – it’s almost as if these people don’t really know of anything in the fantasy genre outside of Game of Thrones and Lord of the Rings. There’s plenty more out there.


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