Aliens: Dead Orbit by James Stokoe

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  • It’s always disappointing when comics with such strong visuals don’t have as strong a story to support them. I will sometimes still purchase something just for the artwork, but it’s so much more enjoyable when I can get lost in the narrative, as well.

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    • Absolutely. I have a lot of respect for comics/manga in general and will always love a good edition that highlights the artwork (oversized editions, for example) too. But when honesty is the best policy, I can’t lie to myself when the story isn’t that impressive in the end though hahah


  • There are quite a few Dark Horse Alien/Predator releases of recent years that I haven’t checked out…partly because I’m hesitant to check them out (that Alien 3 original screenplay adaptation was pretty poor). Man, it pains me to hear with each of these reviews that they seem to come out either okay/average or not very good at all and I makes me want to return to those original 90s stories instead.

    Great review as ever Lashaan, I hear Dark Horse are doing an adaptation of Dan O’Bannon’s original story for Alien – it’ll be interesting to see how that turns out knowing the history of the film before Ridley Scott got to it and helped elevate it above the more schlocky and cheap B-movie early concept.

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    • I agree. It’s a bit unfortunate that there aren’t creative teams on these Alien/Predator titles that TRY to capture the horror properly through words and art. I can definitely imagine one that has all right ingredients. I don’t know why no one has done it yet…

      For some reason, I still get drawn to them and want to see if someone can do it right, or learn from their errors. It also fills a void, where no movies are being teased at the moment…

      Thanks, Chris! I’ll definitely keep an eye out for that one. Even if isn’t mind-boggling, it’ll be interesting to learn more about it.

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