What’s It Like To Study Medschool in Ivy League

I usually mention my personal life on Bookidote, that I’m a medstudent but I think I never actually said where I go to school and what I’ve been doing exactly. I have had quite a lot of questions and without mentioning the real school name for my own protection, I’ve been attending an Ivy League Medical School in the US for a few months now and I welcome you to this journey of mine.


It’s a long process but if you are really committed and motivated here’s a brief overview:

-All applications in the US is going through AMCAS, the American Medical College Application Service. While you are on the website, you have to apply to do the MCAT exam.
-To be able to apply in Medschool, you should also have completed a 4-year or Bachelor, along with having all your Biology and Science classes. I graduated in Psychology and was in Neurosciences just before so I have done all of my science classes.
-You should also be able to provide letters of evaluation (for more info )
-The interview process was a bit tricky for me because I live in Canada and I had to go back and forth to be able to do it. In general, the interview test mostly your social skills, problem-solving and instincts.

medical curriculum


how it differs

And unlike other medical curriculums, my school implemented what we call among ourselves “straight into the belly of the beast” in the clinicals time, usually after classes.

Image result for doctor gif

People shadow a doctor while being a medstudent, and we might call it shadowing but on our ends, the doctors give us specific tasks and instructions to do while also train us : taking the patient’s history, carrying out basic tests to see how well the patient’s lungs are working (for example, how much air they can breathe out in one second), measuring body temperature, measuring pulse rate using manual techniques and and blood pressure, etc.

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As a 1st year student, it can be terrifying to be put right into work like that but I loved it. I was put into the Emergency department and honestly it goes well with my personality. I love dynamic fast-pace, I am someone who is quite compulsive and needs to feel the right amount of stress to feel useful and the ER unit was the right one for me. 


If they see you are good at something, they will push you to the max and I think it’s something that other Canadians schools I’ve been to, can’t do. Because like it or not, Canada is all about putting everyone at the same pedestal and I’m very grateful for it, we have free healthcare thanks to it, after all. But what comes with equality, comes with the disadvantages of limited resources, which leads to the fact that they don’t know how to deal with people who are out of the norms, people I would dare say who are gifted and talented beyond belief.

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  One girl in my class can naturally speak more than 13 languages and she ends up in the training program of international health committee, another guy has written a script that run the protein folding 3x faster than the usual programs and he got a special meet-and-greet with Bill Gates.


Small dorm rooms and the money gap. In every way possible. The tuition cost is extremely high (250k easy), thank God I got the scholarship but to simply survive the every day life of Ivy League it adds up quite a lot. I honestly don’t think any education quality is worth that kind of money. Also, I hang out with one of the wealthiest families and yet I do not feel as comfortable around them. Because no matter what, there’s a social injustice for a girl like me, who comes from a middle-class family, where I know we have struggled a lot to afford the money. And to witness the kind of lifestyle my classmates have is sometimes unbearable.


What to take from this experience? You can be a great person no matter what school you are attending. If you have the privilege of attending an Ivy League, great for you. But if you don’t, it doesn’t make you less smart of a person.

Hope you enjoy this post and let me know if you have any questions about Ivy Leagues or Medical School in general 🙂 !





  • I have trying to do the MCAT at least 3 times and it didn’t work out. I’m super impressed that you got in. Kuddo to you ! Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this !


  • This such an interesting post. Congrats on the placement. It sounds like a super intense course, but also one that does a great job at developing your skills in the medical profession.


  • Thanks for sharing. I knew nothing about the process. My knowledge of med school is limited to what I see in movies and TV shows, but I know it is intense due to the work load and all. Wishing all the best for you.


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