• Very useful post ! I still think that you do a great job at having multiple platforms. I follow you on your food blog and fashion and book blog and you manage to create the content and be interesting no matter what 🙂 Is there one that you WILL prioritize over the others ?


  • I find that Twitter is the most useful, as people are directed to my blog that way 🙂
    I only used Facebook for a few months before getting rid of it, too much rubbish on there and people not having any self-control over what they post. I’ve been on Instagram for a year and I like it but because I can’t put links in my posts, no one reaches my blog that way.


  • I love how Twitter allows me to chat with authors and people from the book industry. I spend so much time on there xD I love Instagram but I suck at pictures, and I now have a terrible phone, so I’m hoping one day I’ll be stricken by the photography fairies haha! I really hate Facebook, though!


  • I struggle with prioritizing a lot. Thank you for this. Really need a reminder to help realize where to focus on. 💓


  • I don’t spend nearly as much time on social media as I used to, and that’s a good thing (I used to spend way too much time on Facebook). Facebook Messenger can also be a useful way to try to organize get togethers with friends … as long as they also have Facebook. Apart from that, I’ll spend 2 minutes on Facebook here and there, and then I’ll move on with my day. I find that twitter can be useful in quickly glancing through to see some of the general news highlights and sharing blog posts, but that’s all I really use it for. And my blog posts are automatically shared on Twitter, so I don’t even need to log in.

    WordPress is a fantastic blogging site and I would recommend it to anyone who is thinking of starting a blog. Blogspot isn’t bad either, but WordPress has more functionality, its user interface is cleaner, and it’s far more popular.

    I don’t really use any other forms of social media, and I’ve got no current plans to change that.


  • We are finding twitter to be the best platform for us to engage with a new audience! After the initial buzz FaceBook seemed to die down.


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