Things To Do While Quarantine At Home

Self-isolation or quarantine might be one of the worst things that can happen to someone like me. My friends and family know, I need to go out of the house and do things. I’m the kind of girl who’s always on the run, making my days worth the 24h of living haha. But these past few days were really hard for me, staying at home and having my schedule and routine completely disrupted did not help with my mental health. 

Here are a few tricks I’ve been doing to cope with it, and hopefully it will help you too!

1.Wake up at your regular hour and Dress Up

Even if you don’t have to come into work or class, keep your schedule by waking up at your usual hour, get up and make that breakfast, dress up. Dressing up as if I’m about to go out helped me being productive. Being in pyjamas all day is comfortable for a few hours but I find myself too comfortable and not getting anything done. 

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2. Reading and attacking the TBR list

I set myself a number of books I want to read: For example reading 5 books in two weeks. This is actually the perfect timing for all the bookworms out there ! You know all those books you say you were going to read if you have some downtime? Well now is the time. You can have all the downtime you want haha.

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3. Bullet Journal

Bullet Journal trends are even more useful now, I got into it 2 years ago and I think not only it helps you getting into a routine but a great introspection exercise as well. My bullet journals is filled with my random thoughts, but also doodles, drawings, poems and writings.

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4. Workouts at Home

Some gym and yoga studios offer live sessions you can practice at home. I think it’s a great idea especially if you want to keep in shape while all the gym are closed.

Check it out the alternative workouts you can do from home :

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5. Cooking

Isn’t this activity obvious if you don’t want to die from starvation? I remember seeing some really fun recipes that I was meant to try or some Youtube videos that I saved in my Watch It Later playlist 😉

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6. Watch these Binge-Worthy Shows

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Hope this post lights up your spirit a bit haha! What are you guys doing in this quarantine moment? 🙂 

Trang T. 


  • I’m actually working from home which is a LOT more challenging than it sounds. All of those things you mentioned about filling you time are the things I’d much rather be doing than keeping an eye on my email and getting on work conference calls. Of course, I’m also reading your post when I should be working. LOL. Bad me! Stay safe and keep washing your hands!

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    • Hi Deborah!
      I was reading this blog post too and saw your comment 🙂
      I started working from home as well but I love it. My home environment is much more relaxing than my work environment (big windows, less noise, less anxiety from other people around me.) I get to wake up later and “get home” earlier. I can also take a nap during lunch time too! And my dogs are always around! It’s definitely not a vacation but I’d prefer it to going to the office.

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      • I am so glad it’s working out for you. I do love walking my dog in the morning and not really worrying about being “on time”. The other thing I love is being home to help make dinner. I live in a multi-generational home and a big challenge is that EVERYONE is home except my husband. Lol. Take care!

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  • Hi Trang!
    Great post! It’s a difficult time for everyone but that’s awesome that you’re making the best out of it.
    I actually love spending the day in my pyjamas while working from home haha. However I agree that it’s good to have a routine to be productive, like waking up and sleeping at a specific time. For me, this means having a designated room to work (even though it’s very tempting to just sit on the couch!)


  • Great post! My whole blog is about quarantine activities, particularly online events and live streams as I’m finding these a great way to feel connected! 🙂


  • Well said! Because the first thing we must do is not giving in to despondence, and keeping a schedule and goals is the best way to keep our spirits up.
    And just thinking about all the books we can fit in our schedule by staying at home should be enough to lift our morale… 😉


  • Some great ideas here, and I appreciate that in one way or another they’re all related to staying healthy, physically and mentally, which is so important when under extra stress. I’ve been working on my own list of ideas specific to photography, which I’ll post early next week, but the gist of them is keeping busy and staying positive.


  • Great post! I started having lie ins but my sleeping schedule went crazy so I’m waking up normal time now. Also thank you for the TV show recommendations


  • Awesome post! Very informative and easy to read! If you have a minute to spare, can you check out my first ~real~ blog post? I just published it and I am eager to promote it on social but wanted to get some other blogger insights on it first! If you like what I have to say, hit that “like” button and let me know your thoughts in the comment section! Thank you so much in advance!!


  • It totally is hard to stay productive… I’ve been sleeping at 5 am and waking up around 12 pm every day, which is honestly SO bad. (But hey! I’m reaching my reading goals, so there’s that?) But yes, fixing that sleep schedule is my biggest goal for this week, lol.


  • I had SO MUCH TROUBLE keeping a schedule and dress up in the morning at first. It took a while, but now that I have gotten used to it, it’s getting better. I don’t mind staying home. I was trained by my agoraphobia, haha!


  • We’re opposite. I can probably stay inside my room for a week if I don’t have to work. But during quarantine, my anxiety was up so I can only imagine how you felt, you who’s used to the outside world. But I’m glad you’re staying positive with these activities/habits. ❤ By the way, journaling is my favorite among all these activities. 🙂 🙂


  • The Boys looks really good! I’ll have to start watching that one on amazon prime… I’ve been in a bit of a show slump lately lol! Awesome post 🙂


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