A Look Back at 8 years of Blogging

I was going through my Instagram feed for fun and looked at the first pic I ever added on the social media : a picture of crepes dating of 2012.



That was 8 years ago. 8 years ago the teenage Trang said let’s do this, let’s start putting pictures online for the whole world to see. People started liking it, commenting on my pictures and that’s how the first Trang’s fashion blog was born on Instagram.



It was just for fun at first, but the following months, I spent more and more time connecting with people through Instagram and discovered a niche that I didn’t know existed. I was taking pictures around the house, in front of our yards and people started following me for my outfits of the day, the famous #ootd tag haha. Looking back, I realized how I had such a blast blogging even if it was only for my first 400 followers. Then, the 1k followers came a little after.


Around the time I hit 4k followers, it was the same time that I realized I had to take my blog way more seriously.Yes the collage side by side was real popular among the fashion bloggers, do not ask me why.


I was even featured on TeenVogue LOL can you believe it !



Comes around 2015, I knew what I was doing with my blog a little more, I understood that blogging has to reflect a part of my life too not only my outfits and I started to post more about the coffee shops I would go. It was right at the beginning of university and I spent A LOT of my times in the coffee shop to study.



The same year, Bookidote was born, one of my proudest achievement this baby :’) I finally have a blog where I could talk about the books I read, no more feeling alone about being a bookworm in the world.  This was one of my first Bookidote blog post haha.I choose one of the most depressing books to review LMAO.



After books, I decided to blog about food. I keep talking about food and everybody keeps talking about food so I said why not? Montreal has such a beautiful culinary scene and it would be such a waste to not hop on the adventure. Since the beginning, I wanted my pictures to look good and I started taking pictures with my DLSR everywhere I go, I would practice on different angles and to see what works. I never took a photography class but I had really good mentors and friends who would take their time to teach me the basics and few tips.



I love traveling, and as a habit I always try to travel at least once a year. Last year however, thanks to blog opportunities, I got the chance to travel at least 3 times. I decided that it was the perfect time to start blogging about my travels as well and you guys have been very responsive to the travel posts I was doing. Thank you so much!



So while all this is happening at the same time, my book blog, fashion blog and food blog, I was also at school and I realized with this summer and COVID that it is way too much. To have to blog all of them on different platforms make it really difficult. 

If you want to follow my lifestyle adventure, I strongly recommend you follow my Instagram page : @trangreeny which is the main platform where I’ll be more active. I decided that I would only blog once a week now on Bookidote. It’s the right amount of time for work, in-between photoshoots and actually dedicating some me time to read books and enjoy them.

If you want to read my thoughts in details, I will also blog everything (books, food and fashion) in one main blog :http://trangscravings.com  , it’s still setting up but I will begin to update this blog weekly! 

Capture d’écran, le 2020-07-23 à 00.58.47


I know I have been an awful bad book blogger lately haha and I haven’t been interacted with you guys as much I wanted due to lack of time, but I wanted to thank you for still reading my posts, liking it  😉 I wanted to give you guys something in return for the endless support for these past years and for showing some love for this blog Bookidote and for my adventures :’)

1st Price : 300$ at the Folio Society 

Capture d’écran, le 2020-07-23 à 01.11.43

2nd Price : 100$ gift card at Litographs 

Capture d’écran, le 2020-07-23 à 01.13.41

Rule : Simply Leave a comment !

Open Internationally 

Giveaway ends : August 30, 2020 



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