My Monthly Anticipation | August 2020

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  • I, for one, am looking forward to the end of summer. These hot days are just killer.

    I’m going to be the odd one out and say that I didn’t like Gideon the Ninth. I DNF’d it because I disliked the writing so much. It felt like Muir was out there trying to prove just how cool she was.

    And you’re right about that Midnight Sun cover. It’s one of the ugliest I’ve ever seen. “Let’s photograph a pomegranate that looks like some decaying piece of fruit and slap it on the cover. That’ll be good”. Ugh.

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    • I have to admit that the weather has been killer this summer! It made me appreciate the cooler/wintery times MUCH more.

      Ohhh, that’s interesting. It does sound off-putting now hahaha

      You killed it. 😛 I do hope fans will have… an explanation for that cover… But I can’t imagine an explanation good enough to justify that atrocity hahah!

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  • This year has obviously been so off, I’m kind of in a mood right now where I’m forcing myself to get excited about anything. I have to admit though, I’m eager for the return of Lucifer, and I can’t wait for Lovecraft Country. Disney Plus has Falcon and the Winter Soldier now slated for Fall 2020, so I’m thinking Sept-November? This will be good as I’ll most likely need a distraction from what is undoubtedly going to be a nightmarish election season. I’m just wrapping up watching Warrior Nun, which I think you’d really like Lashaan, and I’m about to start the second season of The Umbrella Academy.

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    • I totally understand. That need to have something nice to look forward to is indeed something we crave for more and more these past months. I do hope both Lucifer and Lovecraft Country delivers (I’m sure they will)!

      Yeh, I imagine Falcon and Winter Soldier will probably pushed to those months. Hopefully we at least get a full trailer by the end of August? 😀 Oh boy… It’s going to a helluva year politically. Maybe a make-or-break type of deal to.

      Ouuuh Warrior Nun sounds interesting. The title alone reminds me of Mark Lawrence’s Book of Ancestor’s trilogy! 😀 And yay for Umbrella Academy! I’ve been curious to find out how they’ll adapt the crazy ideas that were in the comics myself.

      Have an excellent month of August, Kim! Stay safe and take care. 🙂

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  • All three on your to-read list are really good! I just finished the Black Song and am not quite sure what to think of it yet (except that it was really good), and just started Network Effect (which is excellent thus far). And, no offense Lashaan, but I really, really hope that August isn’t exciting (at least compared to 2020 up to now).

    Have a good month, sir!

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  • Well….nice to see things are still going strong on your blog! This has certainly been one heck of a strange and honestly very sad year 😔
    Some nice things to look forward to luckily! I’m especially looking forward to the Alien original screenplay and Lovecraft County. As far Falcon and the Winter Soldier, I don’t think that will be released this year anymore as sad as that is but that only means we luckily have even more to look forward to!😊 Hope both you and your girlfriend will have a great August: stay safe! 😊

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    • Hahah yes! I’ve kept this blog alive as much as I could and still have plenty to stuff that I look forward to share too. 😉

      It has indeed been the worse year that the world has known during my lifetime and thinking about the future seems a bit complicated too but at least being optimistic isn’t too impossible! 😉

      I’d be happy if we even get a little Falcon and Winter Soldier trailer with a release date too hahaha Then again, there’s plenty of other stuff to look forward to and a backlog of content that I still need to catch up too (which I imagine you know exactly what I mean hahah).

      Thanks man for the kind words and stay safe as well, my friend! 😀

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      • Lol…a backlog of content? Nawww…no idea what you mean by that. I have hardly anything to watch/read 😂😂😂
        True enough about this year though..but like you I try to keep my optimism alive. Pretty much anything we can do these days😊
        You are welcome, and will do for sure 😊

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  • Add me too the list of Lucifer fans. I started first season on Friday and finished it on Saturday. It’s so addictive and I like celestial family drama. I can’t wait to see 2nd and all other specially this NEW one as I’m curious how he got his wings back.

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  • Black Song is on my list, too! But man, this Meyer cover is really horrible! 🤣🤣
    And glad to hear that your girlfriend is coming back! 😀 Have a great August!

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    • After reading that review of his first book of his original trilogy, I can only imagine your excitement for this one! 😉

      I have no idea how it came to pass too…

      Thanks, Ola! Stay awesome, stay safe. Have an awesome month of August! 😀

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  • I have to admit, I am shaking my head at your choice of reading Rothfuss. We’ll see how knowing that book 3 is never coming out will affect what you think of the first book 🙂

    So Disney+ is starting their own marvel tv universe. makes me wonder if they’ll try to make the tv show necessary for any future movies.

    Is that the Official Return of the FF? Or have they been back with their own comics for some time? I just remember when it was announced that the monthly comic was being cancelled.

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    • Hahahaha I knew you’d have that kind of reaction. I love how convinced you are that the third book will never come out too. Less likely to be disappointed, right? 😀 I’m going into it knowingly but also knowing that I’m probably not going to binge through all of his books fast enough to make the wait feel eternal.

      Well, most of the Marvel Disney+ series that have been announced so far are actors/heroes that were in the MCU movies. I think there’s going to be a lot of subplots that will loosely tie into the next movie phase but not to the point where it’s a pre-requisite.

      Nop. After they were cancelled around 5 years ago, they were brought back 2 years ago with writer Dan Slott who is currently still writing that comic book series (it’s at around 23 issues so far I think). This one is actually just a self-contained 4-issue series with all the team haha

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  • I enjoyed The Name of the Wind, but now I barely remember what it was about, so perhaps it didn’t make that much of an impression? Murderbot still going strong! 😀 I really want to continue with this series, but besides from the first novella the audiobooks are priced quite expensively, almost like a full length novel. So not great value for money. Not sure, I will watch the 5th season of Lucifer, it was good fun, but to me it felt like it has run its course.

    Very well to talk about August and productivity 😉 – with 30 degrees, I find it impossible to get much done. Amazing that your girlfriend is coming back from her travel, it must be tough that she has to go into quarantine though!

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    • Oh snap. Sorry to heard about The Name of the Wind. I’ve seen it around sooooo much that I almost feel like it’s a must-read novel for fantasy fans. To be seen what I’ll think of it now.

      Really happy to hear about Murderbot! I am 100000% with you for the pricing. It’s why I don’t buy them full-price and hunt down second-hand copies instead hahaha It makes nooooo sense that they’re priced so high…

      Ahhh sorry to hear about Lucifer too. I wonder if the fact that it’s on Netflix now will give it a narrative-refreshment or something. 😮

      Yep, the quarantine stuff really kills a lot of the “daily” motivation that we need. I guess it’s a price to pay for international traveling! 😮 The most important thing is to be safe, that’s for sure!

      Hope you have an excellent month of August! 😉

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  • Murderbot, I love that series! Exit Strategy is my next read in the series, as well. Perhaps I’ll try to get to it this month, though I haven’t really planned anything out. I’m curious to read your thoughts on The Name of the Wind. It became one of my all-time favorite books, regardless of whether the series is ever finished (of course I do hope it is). That cover for Alien is killer! And I hope Batman: Three Jokers surpasses your expectations, high as they may be. Great to hear your girlfriend will be back in town, gives you something more to look forward to. I think I’m looking forward to September more than August, at least when it comes to weather in this area. But I am trying to get busier than I’ve been, learning new things, trying to put more focus back on photography. Being lazy’s ok for a while, but you can’t get too used to it. Have a great August, Lashaan!

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    • Ohhh we’re at the same plafce then! I hope you enjoy Exit Strategy when you get around to it. Really curious to see how this Murderbot is going to go ahead and get the justice it seeks so badly.

      Looking forward to exchange thoughts on The Name of the Wind as well. I remember seeing it and being mentioned in your post too.

      Tell me about it! Loving it as well. I love all of those “screenplay-turned-comics” Alien/Predator stuff even if the story doesn’t really take off. The art (interior and cover) are just so… collectible. 😀

      I hope my expectations for Three Jokers doesn’t kill it though. I’m praying that it really delivers that one story that will be remembered like The Killing Joke is.

      Absolutely with you there. We gotta break those bad habits as quickly as we can, even if breaks are welcomed and necessary here and then. Hope you have a fantastic month of August, Todd! Stay safe. 😀


  • I’m really curious about Lovecraft Country, although I don’t have HBO so I’m not sure when I’ll get to see it. And I’m glad your girlfriend is coming home! Hope you have a fantastic month😁

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    • I don’t have HBO either but I know I want to see it, especially if the first episodes impresses fans around the world!

      Thank you so much, Tammy! I hope you’re doing well, with you daughter and family and all. Stay safe and have an excellent month of August! 😀


    • I know exactly what you mean. I hated the idea that she was going exactly where things are bit hot COVID-wise but, to this day, things have been quite fine and I look forward to not having to worry about that anymore too. Hope you won’t have to go through that too with Dawie!

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      • We went to see his family in February (he went 2 weeks early so I did have to miss him for a little bit), and we got back home just in time. The day we flew the first 2 cases were found in The Netherlands. Having already had our big trip this year, neither of us is going anywhere anytime soon.
        Happy to read your gf is doing well.

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  • I am oddly excited for Midnight Sun. I fully expect it to be terrible, but I remember wanting it so much years ago. My reading tastes have changed since I first read the series, but I do credit it with getting me back into reading. And congrats on your girlfriend returning home! I hope those 2 weeks she has to quarantine flies by!

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  • That’s so sweet how excited you are about your gf coming back 🙂
    I started the Name of the Wind either in May or June but got distracted. I might hop back to it in September.

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  • Ah, your monthly anticipations always get me super excited for the month to come 😂 I was talking about The Name of the Wind series to my sister the other day, saying that I really wanted to start it, though I still need to read book 1 😅 Hopefully my month will also be filled with a lot of reading, let’s see! 😊

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    • Hahahaha I remember telling her about it and trying to get her to buy the first book too but that plan failed! 😛 Hope you get the chance to try it out too. Even if the author has been doing like George RR Martin and has yet to release the 3rd book, I’m sort of convinced that the first book has at least plenty to offer and appreciate. 😮 Have a great month of August, Juliette! 😀

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  • Yess I’ve been hearing people talking about the Name of the Wind a lot these past weeks, it sounds really good 😂 I’d love to read it too, but I’m too scared the ending will never be written 😟 I can’t believe we’re already in August but I can’t wait for it to end 🥰 Stay safe Lashaan, and enjoy your month as much as you can 🥰

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  • Aww, yay, I’m so happy for you that you get to reunite with your girlfriend soon! ❤ That's wonderful! 😀
    My best friend and just started a Buddy Read of Gideon the Ninth and I'm really digging it so far. I love that cover for the sequel.

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  • That’s great news your girlfriend is back, it must be such a relief to have her back in the country.

    I’ve only read the first Murderbot book but I’m really looking forward to reading the rest, I don’t think I have actually heard a bad thing about them.

    I love a graphic novel and Alien looks good, I’m staying away from Marvel and DC at the moment and working my through Image Comics, ONI Press and Boom Studios vast catalogues but one day I will get stuck in to Marvel.

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    • Thanks! Just a couple of more days and it should be gooood! 😀

      Same here. I think they’re really fun stories with a character unlike anyone before. Hope you have a good time with the rest of the series soon! 😀

      Ahhh yes, they have such an awesome catalogue too. Loads of original content. Happy reading, Heather! 😀


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