Doomsday Clock Part 1 by Geoff Johns

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  • So it would have been better to do it in one book and not two? That’s funny how when I read this I realize comics can suffer the same ailment classis books do too!

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  • Would you believe that I have never read Watchmen yet? I know right? Blashphemy! Too bad that this one is a bit of a letdown. If you are, as you say such a huge fan of the original, I can imagine that being quite disappointing😔 Well..the good thing is: you can always go back and re-read the original Watchmen😊

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  • All I could see when I looked at the cover was a creepy perv Superman looking at boobs. Add the whole “Watchmen” mythos and this is instant turn off 😀

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  • I’ve heard a similar complaint from other readers. Doomsday Clock needs to be read through in one go. Why did DC release it in two parts? To make as much money as possible? Even though it detracts from the narrative flow of the story? Surely not.🤔 I started reading this in single issues when it was being released. Great art, but I lost interest in the story halfway through and stopped buying it. I liked the characters Mime and Marionette, but that’s about all I can remember about it. Oh yeah, and Rorschach in the Batcave… Great review Lashaan!

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    • When I first learned that it was getting split in two in the collected edition, I was stunned. It made no sense to me. I’m assuming it really is just to make more money? They even planned to release the complete edition afterward…

      I collected these as single issues but I didn’t dare read as they released, preferring to wait for them all to release. I should have the review for part 2 soon though.

      I agree for Mime and Marionette, they were really well developed. Gives us lots to look forward for them. As for Batman himself, I wasn’t too much of a fan. What happens to him and how extremely “poker faced” he was here felt a bit too much. To be seen if part 2 will fix his character hahah Thanks for reading, my man.

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      • Yes, Batman was dark and dull in the first half of this story. I wonder if he cheers up a bit later on? I’m tempted to buy the Complete edition and read it in one sitting (if possible, because it’s loooong!) Looking forward to your review of part 2 🙂

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  • I see the allure for companies to try to follow-up and built off a very successful creation, but I’m usually disappointed by the results. Too often it seems the business side’s drive for profit overpowers the creative team’s ability to create. And I just think some things are better left alone, to stand as what they were meant to be. Just as I think many movie sequels were better off never made. I do wonder what Alan Moore’s thoughts were on this project.

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    • Actually, I think Alan Moore hates DC… A LOT. A lot of the movie adaptations of his comics don’t credit him because HE doesn’t want it to be associated to his work. There was a lot of tension between publishers and him back in the day too. I’m sure he believes this is an atrocity, to see his Watchmen collide with DC heroes.

      I’m not a huge fan of the idea too and I think a lot of it is out of pure desire for more money by capitalizing on the success of those past franchises. I just hope some can prove everyone wrong and make this “must-reads”.


  • Awww!! I am SO sorry that this collection ruined Watchmen for you!!! And 17 (was it? Or 12?) issues in A SINGLE POST is…ummm…a bit TOO much! 😅

    Well….at least one good thing came out of it – you gave us another delightful review! 😉😍🦋☔️🌻🌸🏆

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    • Ohh noo, it didn’t ruin Watchmen for me. 😉 It is simply unfortunate that it had to take someone else’s creation and create a, for now, unnecessary sequel. 😀

      No, the whole series is 12 issues long. It is split into two volumes of 6 issues each. 😉

      Thanks for reading, Rain! 😀

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      • Hmmm…I can understand! I mean…PD James’ Death comes at Pemberley (a sequel to P&P) felt…a bit…out there too you know! So…I get the feeling…a lil bit! 😇

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  • Ow, too bad you weren’t convinced by this one! 😯 You mentioned the nine-panel configuration and it’s true that it feels kind of weird to see 9 boxes but… I can’t remember the normal thing 😂 Is it unusual to have 9 boxes? How much is it, usually? 12? 🤔 Great review!

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  • Great review Lashaan, you’re right about the split of Doomsday Clock into two volumes hurting the flow – clearly a money grabbing move by DC as the complete hardcover edition is already slated for release in October!

    I’ll check out your review for part 2 shortly to see what you thought of the rest of it and give you my overall opinion over there!

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  • I like how clean and organized this looks. At first, I felt a little claustrophobic for the characters because of the boxes being so narrow but then I decided that I’m not a comic book character, so I shouldn’t care. LOL

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  • As others have mentions, splitting this into 2 books makes no sense. This would have been a perfect opportunity to do a hardcover Deluxe Edition like the Rebirth Deluxe Editions. What were they thinking? Now I don’t know what to do, buy the complete one as paperback? Get the two hardcovers? Very Frustrating. And it seems these two hardcovers are standard sized? Not oversized like the DC Rebirth Deluxe Editions?

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    • Right? I think it mostly has to do with their expected publication dates and to make more money out of it. Otherwise, it’s best to go with a complete edition if you’re here for the story! The other editions are great for collectors though hahaha

      P.S. Thanks for these comments lately! It’s always so cool to hear from another comic book fan! Do you have a blog or something where I could check out what you’re up to too?


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