DARK Season 3 : Still Confusing

*Spoilers alert, obviously.

For those of you who watched Dark religiously, the season 2 ended with a twist : “Not What Time, but What World” That quote introduces us to parallel universe and go beyond the time traveling.


No doubt about it, they have once again, successfully cast the right group of people to represent all the character’s future and past selves. I was amazed to see how good their acting was no matter the age, some kids really worked hard for these roles.

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The main strenght  of the show is of course its beautiful cinematography, featuring the scenery, wide angles and drone views that boost this show onto my top shows. The historical parts as well as the future sections both have amazing and realistic surroundings.


Now onto the weaker part of the season : the plot. As confusing as it is, season 3 left me confused even more. Some characters that we totally forgot about in Season 1 reappear and my brain has no idea where to place them in the storyline. I do appreciate the side by side making it clearer each time what world we’re dealing and the parallelism. However, that little touch didn’t help with the whole plot. I get where they want to go but each time I can’t stop but thinking… why though? As if with 33 years of experience, Jonas didn’t know better. And also adding to the list of disturbing scenes already in Dark, the trailer scene with Peter, Elisabeth and that other man was very VERY disturbing to watch.

The pace however was done beautifully I couldn’t be more satisfied. It starts out slowly and ramps up at the right moment.

The finale episode was anticlimatic in my opinion. You’re telling me that the origin to everything is reversed by undoing a car accident?

disappointed-gif - RVCJ Media

If I were Jonas, after everything I went through I would flip the table LOL. Honestly, I thought Martha and Jonas were going to cause the car accident when they went to the original world, they would be the ultimate loop that will ever repeat itself. I would love that ending instead.

What about you guys? For those who watched it, what do you think about the finale ? 

– Trang Tran


  • I was actually impressed that they managed to land a decent ending. I wasn’t necessarily super happy with it–but often times great shows go on too long or create a bad ending in my opinion. I too got confused with some characters and it started to getting really tricky this third season. I ended up with a lot of questions about people and characters. This show was definitely one of the best shows I’ve watched in a really long time. I really enjoyed your post and thoughts on it! Thanks for sharing!


  • I skipped the spoilers, but Dark is certainly still very high on my to watch list. Hope to get to it maybe in this vacation as so many people have recommended it to me, that I can’t wait for it 😊


  • I haven’t seen the series, but it sounds interesting. Any idea if this was the finale to the series, or just the 3rd season? I tend to prefer series that tell a story in a limited span of time. I most often get bored if they create season after season like a soap opera.


    • I had no ideas Season 3 was the final season. I still had so many questions. They definitely have Season 4 material and the writer said they could see themselves continuing. I thought it was wrapped up a little too neatly but I hope they keep going. It’s still 100% worth it. The ending wasn’t “bad” it was more like “huh?!”


  • I agree with everything you said. I had no idea this was the final season so I was like, “Ah, guess I have to wait two years for the next one” and my partner was like, “Um… this is it.” Imagine my shock. I also completely expected that if Martha and Jonas failed their mission that “fate” would cause a different incident in which triggers the entire cycle regardless. Or maybe if they succeeded, it would open a door to other worlds anyway. Idkkk.


  • I actually really enjoyed the ending. I thought they’d go down the Martha and Jonas causing the car crash route as well, so to know that they actually went to save them was quite a good twist. I liked the quietness of the finale and that final moment between Jonas and Martha was so moving.


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