Batman: Detective Comics: Greetings From Gotham by Peter J. Tomasi

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  • Ugh….well, this is one to avoid I guess. Sorry this one wasn’t so stellar. It’s honestly quite amazing how you can make a story about one of the most interesting villains such as the Joker, a bland one. I guess that also takes talent lol😂 As you say though, the art does look very cool, so I guess that’s something. Oh well…at least I don’t have to add something to my reading list for a change, and I guess that’s nice😂

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    • Hahahah I couldn’t recommend this to anyone myself. There’s nothing rewarding about this read. I’m hoping that things will change a bit with the next volume. At least this does indeed make one less story to check out! 😛 Thanks for reading, Michel! 😀

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  • I haven’t been a fan of Tomasi’s Detective run, it just really hasn’t clicked with me at all for the most part although I will say that I thought the Mr. Freeze arc which you’ll be reading next I did think was actually very good! I thought the series was going to continue to be good but alas it takes a dip again after that…I’ve liked the Joker War tie-ins and look forward to Detective Comics #1,027 which is going to be an anthology featuring different creators (much like #1,000). I hold out hope for the title but honestly, it needs someone new at the helm methinks.

    Awesome review Lashaan, I look forward to your thoughts on the next arc and how you find the Mr. Freeze story!

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    • You’re giving me hope, Chris. That’s dangerous! 😛 I do hope that it’ll be an all-around sound story with some potential. But after all the mediocre volumes we’ve got so far, I’d be surprised if Peter J. Tomasi could do any worse…

      I haven’t heard anything about #1,027 but it sounds promising, like how #1,000 was. So far, the Detective Comics series feels subpar to the Batman series, almost like it was intentional or something… I hope they all get better ideas for the future though…

      Thanks for reading, Chris! I appreciate it. 😀 Hey man, where are your own reviews at?! It’s been months since I’ve seen anything up on your blog! I hope you’re doing well and life hasn’t been too harsh on you lately.

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      • Well don’t get too hopeful mate, the Mr. Freeze story (at least for me) was a blip as it goes back to being mediocre after that other than the two recent Joker War tie-ins!

        Ah man, I know, I’ve well and truly fallen off the horse – I’ve started working from home these past couple of months and just lost focus. Hopefully get back to it soon!

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  • There’s little worse than a set of stories that read like filler, especially if it’s a series you have a lot of time invested in. You can come out feeling what did I just waste my time and money on? Well, here’s hoping you get more enjoyment out of the next set of issues.

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  • Why oh why did they give the Detective Comics to Tomasi?! I’m sad now 😦 though I shouldn’t really, be, it’s just another confirmation of my opinion of DC these days 😛
    Great review, Lashaan! Though I find it hard to believe you’re going to continue after this dud… 😉

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      • What can I say? Deep at heart I’m still Marvel girl 😄

        I really admired Detective Comics – some of best Batman stories are there, and the characterization is usually much better there than in other Batman series. Plus I like the noir feel of this.

        Well, I know I can count on you to alert me to all good DC stories, Lashaan! 😀

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