Batman: Universe by Brian Michael Bendis

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  • I really liked Brian Michael Bendis when he was still at Marvel. His Avengers and Jessica Jones storylines were some of my favorite comics. I had heard about his move to DC comics through your blog (what else is new right? 😂) but haven’t yet read any of his DC escapades yet. You know me and comedy don’t mix very well anyways when it comes to movies, tv shows, and other stuff, so reading this review I can’t say that I’m in a hurry to pick this one up. Especially not because I have so many more (better ) DC comics still lying in wait for me. Agreed though: the art really does look very cool!😀

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  • Ah I haven’t read these comics since years, if any.
    Bad about dialogues and good about graphics. You made me see comics in a different way. Maybe I should get some.
    Batman is an icon… When did his first comic come about?

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  • I almost wish someone would write a book about how the Culture shapes Batman. I think back to the Adam West tv show and the cartoon from the Scooby Doo era and Batman was synonymous with “camp”. Now? He’s Mr Grim and Broody.

    I just think it would be interesting if someone actually tracked down the curve of the change.

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    • Honestly, I think there might be a non-fiction book about this that was well-received in recent years. I’d have to hunt it down to see if it covers this transformation. I have nothing against the grim and broody Bats of today though, actually quite happy about it. 😉 Have you seen the recent trailer for the upcoming The Batman movie? It’s 100% the grimiest and broodiest Batman you’ll ever see on the silver screen. 😉

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  • The cover has a bit of a humorous feel to it so I could see the story attempting to include that, as well. I will admit to missing the campy TV Batman of older days with all the dialogue balloons throughout the episodes.Somehow, though, I suspect I wouldn’t enjoy it as much today as I recall enjoying it as a kid. 🙂

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    • The one show that stands the test of time, so far for me, is Batman: The Animated Series. It is brilliant through and through. As for the Adam West era of Batman, I find it goofy but fun to indulge sometimes (not too much). I doubt we’ll ever see a return to that iteration on the silver screen anytime soon! 😀


  • Hm, despite generally being a fan of Bendis, for some reason I just don’t fancy this…he’s not always the best at jokey dialogue and it sounds as though it doesn’t quite hit the mark here. I’m not totally against a bit of goofy Bat-fun (sometimes I just want to stick an episode of the Adam West series – or the movie which is a riot – on for that very reason) but ultimately prefer the more serious, dramatic take on our favourite Dark Knight!

    Awesome review sir…I now crave a cup of tea haha…

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    • Yep… I think you’d feel the same about this one, especially with the sense of humour he employs. There were so many scenes where I had to facepalm at the odd monologues too. But I can tell that it can have an appeal to newcomers or those looking for a fun time. Thanks for reading, Chris! I appreciate it! 😀

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  • I think it’s so interesting that Brian Michael Bendis is writing for DC versus Marvel. I’m not sure if this Batman storyline is for me because I do enjoy a grittier Batman than a funny banter Batman.

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