The Doors of Eden by Adrian Tchaikovsky

Title: The Doors of Eden.
Writer(s)Adrian Tchaikovsky.
Publisher: Orbit.
Format: Paperback.
Release Date: September 22nd, 2020 (First Published August 20th, 2020).
Pages: 640.
Genre(s): Science-Fiction.
ISBN13:  9780316705806.
My Overall Rating:

Rating: 4 out of 5.


The world’s ecosystems contain some of the most spellbinding wonders of the world. It is sometimes difficult to not see the beauty of each organism’s interaction with another or even their exquisite and singular biological structure assuring them life over death. Suffice to imagine other possibilities in terms of evolution for one to contemplate alternate and parallel universes where everything is possible. While the fragility of humankind counterbalanced by the complexity of human nature and our creative spirit makes us excellent predators, it is not hard to imagine us as preys amidst abnormal creatures. Arthur C. Clarke Award-winning writer Adrian Tchaikovsky, known for his Children of Time duology and his Shadows of the Apt series, presents us with a captivating tale where he envisions parallel universes with acute believability alongside weirdly enthralling creatures.

What is The Doors of Eden about? Four years ago, young and ambitious cryptozoologists Lee and Mal went on a quest to demystify the Birdman creature on Bodmin Moor. A chance encounter, however, only allowed one of them to escape unscathed but forever scarred, oblivious as to what occurred to her girlfriend. Today, a mysterious call shocks Lee to the core as she hears the voice of Mal on the other side of the phone. But what could possibly explain her disappearance and her baffling reappearance? Meanwhile, theoretical mathematician and physicist Kay Amal Khan finds herself victim of a terrifying hate crime that brings Detective Julian Sabreur to investigate unusual clues hinting at mysterious circumstances and unknown powers at play. As Lee is dragged into an unparalleled adventure across time and space, she also discovers that the fate of the world is at stake if the cracks between them aren’t stopped from widening and paving the way for unknown creatures to traverse.

You ever get the feeling there are cracks in the world?”

— Adrian Tchaikovsky

With a compulsively addictive writing style tinged with bold humour, writer Adrian Tchaikovsky writes one of the most compelling and accessible stand-alone hard science-fiction stories yet. His extensive research on paleontology and biology transcends the narrative and allows him to build a truly compelling world where parallel universes is not a plausibility anymore but a mind-boggling reality. Throughout this adventure, he also doesn’t solely wallow in high concepts but dictates a remarkably immersive thriller hinged on the mystery of a theory that could elucidate one of the greatest mysteries of the world, a theory that concerns multiple Earths. Interspersed with interlude chapters presenting readers with excerpts from a book titled Other Edens: Speculative Evolution and Intelligence by a professor Ruth Emerson—hypnotizing readers into believing the impossible—he also fully commits to creating terrifyingly enchanting creatures that make for some of the most interesting surprises hidden between the lines of this narrative.

Convincingly integrating diverse characters and simultaneously exploring multiple points of views, writer Adrian Tchaikovsky also brilliantly introduces readers to a fascinating cast that all shine in their own way amidst the looming danger that disturbs the once-peaceful lives of these characters. While there is significantly less focus on each individual as the overarching plot and the myriad of events take center stage, there is enough personality and character flowing through the actions of these individuals to understand their respective motives. Withal, it is the beautifully-detailed creatures and the exploration of evolution and multiple Earths that remain this novel’s forte. Upon picking up this novel, allow writer Adrian Tchaikovsky to illustrate some of the most imagination-defying creatures in a way that no one could stop their curiosity from getting the better of them.

The Doors of Eden is a testament of human imagination and adventure with a breath-taking adventure filled with parallel universes and strangely-charming creatures.

Thank you to Orbit Books for sending me a copy for review!




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