Who would’ve thought that chess could be this suspenseful and thrilling? The Queen’s Gambit follows the journey of Elizabeth Harmon as she’s going through her rise to stardom as a prodigy chess player. What has this show shown is that Anya Taylor-Joy is an absolute queen on screens. Her performance has far surpassed all of my expectations. A lot of the angles where there’s only her and us peering through her sorrows, angers or determinations are the scenes that I love the most.

Another poignant message in this show is how women were treated in those times. The fact that she’s the only girl in a room of men playing chess speaks volumes about the gender roles. Beth Harmon has made a few remarks on the injustice she’s faced as a woman but it never truly go deeper than that.

Besides the amazing costumes this show features, it also has a nice little spy movie touch to it from all of her traveling from Mexico to Paris. The soundtrack is absolutely marvelous as well as we see Beth Harmon sings and dances and enjoy life but also as we see her falls into depression and sorrow, the music was always the tool to complete her emotions.

Did you watch it? How do you like it? Let me know in the comments section below !



  • Nice post! I actually just finished watching the first episode with my family lol. The pacing seemed a bit slow to me, but no doubt it was suspenseful especially towards the end! So I’m definitely looking forward to watching the rest of the series 🙂


  • 3 episodes in and i’m LOVING THIS …the first two episodes ARE slow burners, but the pay-off is well worth it once you reach the halfway stage as it helps flesh out the character of Beth Harmon. Absolutely Anya Taylor Joy is a joy to watch, so many subtle uses of her eyes and expressions and mannerisms make for some superb acting…Looking forward to seeing how the story ends as the tension and pressures mount up .. Brilliant television.


  • It’s on my Netflix watch list, hope to get round to it soon 🙂 I didn’t know before that it’s based on a book by Walter Tevis, who wrote The Man Who Fell to Earth.


  • I finished the series a few days ago and loved it! I think the topics that it deals with are very interesting and important, the acting is great, and all the beautiful outfits.. wow !! 😍 The only thing that I found quite odd (but I guess it’s part of the series’ “vibe” and also due to the protagonist’s personality) is that it doesn’t really go deep into things, and some topics (or even events) seem to be dealt only in the surface, and we are not really used to that!


  • As much as, yes, there was a clear gender bias during that time (and according to articles still is), I feel like once she played, none of the men were dicks to her. They clearly respected Beth and her talent and that was it. Maybe that didn’t always ring true for the press, but for the other players I think it did. I enjoyed that none of them were really villains, they just wanted to win too.
    But I truly never expected a story about chess to be so fascinating and exciting. I adored it! And, according to some studies, there’s been a 200% increase in people looking for chess sets online since the show premiered.


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