Hitchiker’s Guide to the Galaxy : Book 1 vs Movie

This is one of a few books I want to read for soo long. I’m a big science-fiction fan and this one has been recommended to me more than I can count during my life and always comes back to haunt me. I finally finished a few books this week and wanted to jump in this big boy. Big Boy I must specify because my boyfriend’s edition has the five books altogether which makes it seem pretty scary. But while reading it, I didn’t realize that I was already at Book 3 haha. Once I realized it, it also makes sense to me that I could watch the movie as well since it covers the first book. And guess what? I was way more disappointed in the movie than in the book. (Surprising right? *sarcasm*).

my gif film Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy Hitchhikers Guide to the  Galaxy marvin the paranoid android but ah well wanted to make this a gifset  at first because they don't

Why I think the book is better:

  1. The humour was on point. A lot of the comedic elemets of the book are the long dialogues and the interactions between the characters, the play on words. Something, the movie, couldn’t achieve because it was time restrained. If they had to do all the jokes of the books I don’t think the movie would ever end.
  2. The book is far less pointless. When the first impression of the book is how random the adventures and elements are, but as you go along, everything starts to make sense or not at all but in fashion that reflect’s the book soul and heart. While the acting of the characters in the movie seemed to be..odd and quite dull. No one has caught my attention in this movie except Marvin LOL He was way too cute (see the gif above as proof).
  3. Trillian was far more annoying in the movie than the book. I don’t know why they wanted to portray her like that, but I had this picture of Trillian in the book being this bad-ass woman sometimes clumsy but always witty.

But as with a lot of movie adaption, it’s not fair to compare books to movies but it’s also relevant to see the differences. You are the judge of your opinions at the end of the day after all.

What did you guys think about the book? And the movie? Let me know in the comments below!



  • It’s been so long since I’ve seen the movie and even longer since I read the book, so my memory is pretty vague now. But I recall really enjoying both. There was a long gap between when I read the book and watched the movie, so the movie was likely better able to stand on its own for me. If I’d read/watched close together I might have had stronger feelings. But I strongly suspect I enjoyed the book more, that’s almost always the case. As you said, a time constrained movie just can’t fit in all the detail and nuance of a book. The only exception for me was Horns, where I much preferred the shorter movie to the overly long book (though neither were really strong, in my opinion).

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  • I’ve read the book many times but only seen the film once and was disappointed. I used to love watching the TV series from the 80s which I had on video, it captured the book well!


  • In each incarnation (original radio plays, novel, video game, TV show, movie, etc.) Adams changed the story shortly after Arthur and Ford arrive on The Heart of Gold…so in a way, it’s unfair to compare.

    But yeah, completing the movie after Adams’s death when he wasn’t around to tweak things was a bad idea, and it ended up a mess.


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