I still remember how my sister loves the Alex Rider books by Anthony Horowitz when we were young and I had the chance myself to read them a while after. The first movie that came out with Alex Pettyfer was okay, not a memorable performance and so I was really skeptical in giving this one a chance but luckily, I was not disappointed at all. I even convinced my boyfriend to watch it, he’s a huge spy movies fans and was even more reluctant to watch this show haha. But we were both very impressed in the end.

The first strength of the show is Otto Farrant as Alex Rider, he has nailed everything Alex Rider should be in the acting and his James Bond teenager attitude. I think this show will make any Alex Rider die hard fans very happy. The second leverage of the series is they went for the Point Blanc (Point Blank in the UK and America) plot (the second book in the Alex Rider series), it is smart because the plot of this book was amazing and suspenseful from start to finish; exactly what you need for a tv show. The cinematography incorporating a bit of dark moody shots to electrifying action shots was impressive. The quality is there.

alex rider tv | Tumblr

But the real tour de force of the show is how diverse all the cast is, they get all the pupils at the Point Blanc Academy way more involved than in the book. It’s also less action based but more psychological shots, details in the character’s facial expressions and behaviors. Every episode was so gripping that you cannot lose interest, the beginning may seem slow but the pace picks up real quick.

alex rider tv | Tumblr

I totally recommend this TV SHOW to all the Alex Rider readers out there and for the newcomers, give it a shot as well! You might enjoy a good old teenager spy tv show ! 😉

Post written by Trang


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