Digital Mini Review | The Women of Marvel

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  • I haven’t read any of these (yet) but the Black Widow one was something I was eventually planning on reading (as I have it on my digital Marvel comics app). I’m not in too big of a rush after reading this though. The other characters, I have not much interest in, with maybe the exception of Thor as I know very little about her, and want to catch up a bit before the movie comes out at some point. Also seems that it’s a good story and combined with great artwork, you can bet that one is going in my list. Seems these have been a bit of a hit and miss, but glad that at least some were enjoyable enough! 😀

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    • I do hope you’ll enjoy it a bit more than I did but I honestly don’t think it’s the best place to get her origin story. The others are fun and interesting in their own right, but I definitely recommend Miss Marvel though! She often appears with Miles Morales too, which is another fun character to check out! 😉 Same for Thor! You can either keep the surprise for the movie or check out this series to get some insight into the character! Thanks for reading, my friend! Always a pleasure to hear your thoughts on these. 😀


  • I’ve not read any of these, though I have enjoyed some Black Widow stories in the past. Too bad this one disappointed. And I’m obviously out of the loop with the Thor storylines as I don’t get this one.

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    • Definitely looking forward to exploring more classic Black Widow stories in the future; hopefully, they won’t be like this one. As for Thor, well, it sort of picks up on Jason Aaron’s Thor run where it ends and that’s where he finds himself unable to pick up his hammer anymore. Hence, comes this female Thor who is worthy enough to pick it up! and the mystery begins. 😀


  • We’re in agreement on these, Lashaan! (I haven’t read the Black Widow or She-Hulk stories, but the rest of your reviews matches 100% mine – except that I’d give 1/5 to Captain Marvel :D! And now I won’t be reading these two rotten eggs, so I’ll rely on your opinion ;))
    I was pleasantly surprised by Ms Marvel, which at the beginning I thought was a shallow attempt at enlarging the reader base (as it’s the case with Marvel’s Moon Girl, or DC’s Batwoman) – alas, it was not, and I loved reading about Kamala’s troubles with her parents and community! 😀 And I do appreciate how Aaron continued his Thor story with the new female character, and how he portrayed not only Odinson’s PTSD but also the very physical price superheroism exacts on (I’m-not-gonna-say-who-for-fear-of-spoilers!)
    Great mini-reviews, Lashaan! 🙂

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    • I honestly would’ve went that low for Captain Marvel too but I think I get it an extra star from some subtler things. I can definitely see how it could get worse and maybe its sequel might get it! 😉

      I totally understand for Ms. Marvel! I thought the same too and I’m glad to be proven wrong for it. It was a wonderful and versatile story that really establishes her character in a unique fashion.

      I was stunned that the original Thor got such a brutal sentence in that volume though but it definitely worked fine! I look forward to exploring the rest now. 😀 Thanks for reading, Ola!

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  • With the Black Widow story, I feel like it can go in one of two ways. Black Widow sleeping with other men, this could be framed as her taking control over her sexuality? However, if not written well, it could be more appealing to men than anything else. It depends on the way that story was written.

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  • I’m quite new to the world of comics. Ms Marvel was the first comic I read. I absolutely loved it and am now so excited for the TV series.

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