The Question: The Deaths of Vic Sage by Jeff Lemire

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  • Glad to hear you enjoyed this book. I’ve heard mixed things about it but your review is tempting me to pick it up. I really enjoyed Lemire’s Black Hammer and I was reading his Ascender comic monthly for a while. Outside of the Black Hammer universe, what other Lemire titles do you recommend?

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    • It’s still pretty good, so if you’re curious enough, it’s worth trying out for yourself!

      I’ve been following a lot of his work myself and still have plenty to discover but I can definitely recommend his Vertigo Sweet Tooth series, his Gideon Falls series (which I believe you’re already going through), his Moon Knight trilogy is a must, his Descender/Ascender stuff is worth checking out (not done with it myself). Within the Black Hammer world, I just know his Doctor Star story was the best thing to come out of it hahah

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      • Thanks, Lashaan. I was looking at Sweet Tooth the other day and thinking about buying the first volume, so thanks for the rec. I read his run on Moon Knight and really liked it. I was reading Gideon Falls but stopped around #17. A weird, creepy story with some stunning art. I want to get the trades for the end of that run. YES to Doctor Star. I found it surprisingly moving😭

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  • Was this an existing character, or one introduced in this story? His blank mask brought to mind Rorschach from The Watchmen, even though his mask wasn’t blank. Perhaps it was the mask and coat combo. I do light the cover illustration.

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    • Hahahah that’s because Alan Moore based his Rorschach character off of the Question and Mr. A! 😛 The Question isn’t new at all but I’ve never read a story where he’s the protagonist though. He’s often a side character and he’s not always a “he” as Renee Montoya of the GCPD takes up the mantle at some point too! 😀


  • So, solid beginning and weak ending? I do need to read something by Lemire, but it seems it won’t be this one! I like the cover, though – reminds me of an unknown child of Moonknight and Shadow 🤣

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  • The Question was always one of my favourite superheroes and I think he’s the perfect character to explore the blurred lines between good and evil. It’s a shame that the final act takes away from the cohesiveness of the story cause otherwise this sounds like a great read.

    P.S. can we start a petition to get The Question his own film/TV show?

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    • Despite its flaws, it’s still a fantastic story giving The Question due screen time on the comic book front! I’m with you. They need to give this character a movie/series! His world makes it PERFECT for movies/tv show. They could even go with Rene Montoya instead of Vic Sage, connecting it to the upcoming The Batman GCPD spin-off series!!!!


  • I feel like this could have hit a grand slam if the interior art matched the cover, or maybe even added a star? 🤔

    “two completely opposite personas, one completely public and transparent to the world and the other hidden in the shadows of the people” – it’s always an interesting concept for a story and reminds me of Mr. Robot in a way. Did the ending feel forced?

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    • It is indeed a bit rare that the cover art matches the interior art but sometimes it’s not enough to make the story any better 😀

      Hahah excellent analogy to Mr. Robot. A helluva show right there. I did feel like the final season had a deflated exit…

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      • Yeah, that’s unfortunate and kind of the reason endings don’t weight a lot for me, at least. 😀 I do appreciate what you said and sounds like he needed to lay down a couple more cards than he hadin his hand, haha!

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  • Hm, I was quite looking forward to this and liked the visual look. Shame it doesn’t quite come together and the narrative, as you say, becomes flimsy resulting in a disappointing final act – something that seems to happen all too often in comics. Great review anyway my good man, I’ll check this out eventually along with the classic Denny O’Neil stuff!

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    • It’s a great concept with a mesmerizing artistic vision to it that will surely fascinate you but I can’t call it perfect, unfortunately. I do hope you get to try it out soon and that you see for yourself what Jeff Lemire had to offer for the hero here, Chris! Thanks for reading! 😀

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