2020 in blogging : lessons

At the end of every year, I have a tradition of doing an introspection about the year that went through and just list a few lessons and achievements.

Let’s start straight away with some lessons:

  1. Enjoy while you can because you will never know what you’ll miss. The reality of COVID has forced a lot of businesses to close down, the restaurants and coffee shops had to adapt and I was looking back at how much I enjoyed every single second of my life while going to these bars and restaurants and never regret anything.
  2. Be content with what you have. I used to be a very ambitious person but this year has allowed me to realize that everything I need is right here, inside of me, at home, with the people I love and surround myself with.
  3. Take some time off. Unfortunately this pandemic has made quite a damage in my academic year and as I was doing my finals, I had an enormous anxiety attack. Anxiety has always been a lurking shadow in my life but it had never been this imposing before. That’s when I decided it’s time for me to stop. To stop going through whatever making me anxious and there are some serious problems going on in my head.
  4. It’s okay to ask for help. Referencing to point 3 above, I learned that I need help, professionnal help to deal with my anxiety. I could always cope with it before, it would last a few minutes but when it lasted longer than 72 hours and my muscles were still tense and my heart was still pounding I knew immediately that something is not right. I called and booked my psychologist that day.
  5. Not everyone is going to share your opinion and you have to accept it. This has always been true to us book reviewers : how many times I would review a book and someone else would say the complete opposite? But that’s not the point here. I’m talking about political, scientific opinions which have raised a lot of discussions during this year with BLM, the elections, the environment, the civil wars and the pandemic itself. What surprised me the most was the extreme spectrums of each camp and how they would bully other people just to get their point.
  6. The toxicity of cyberbullying. I’ve had way more hate messages this year than any other year, I don’t know if it’s a correlation between people staying more at home and trolls having more free-time or it’s because my account has reached a bigger audience. But no matter what, I look back to this year and see this parasite which involves malicious internet trolls who have nothing to do but to ruin my days. One thing that people seemed to forget is that people who display their pictures on social media never signed up for hatred. We want to share our craft, our creation and our photography, our books opinions and our food reviews. Searching for a way for people to connect.

What about you guys? What did you learn in 2020? 🙂


  • These are all great lessons! #2 also hits home for me; I’m always someone who always have plans but then COVID happened and with it comes a lot of uncertainties that make planning seems… idk, less important? Coupled with the fact that we all spend a lot of time inside doing nothing, it has been a great moment of introspection for me to be content with what I have and enjoy the moment instead of always looking forward and missing things.

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    • Yess I’m totally like that too! So happy to hear I was not the only one hahah ! I was so focused on planning on everything that like you said, it seems less important and I guess the magical peace of mind that comes with it as well haha!


  • This is an excellent idea, I’m going to try give something similar a go.
    Really sorry you’re having to deal with online trolls they really are the worst of humanity.
    Hope you get your anxiety feelings resolved, I can identify coz I get them frequently but not in any way severe. Its horrible. Wish you a safe and happy 2021

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    • Yes, will love to see your version of it! And thank you so much for your kind words, it means a lot. I have reached out for professional help for my anxiety and I will see how it’s going 🙂 Wish you a happy 2021 as well and thank you for reading the post!


  • I’ve been dismayed too by cyber bullying and extreme intolerance for a difference of opinions! 😩
    I’m sorry you are experiencing anxiety. I’m happy to hear you are reaching out for help. Anxiety seems to run in my family….not me…but other family members. It’s something we’re all familiar with!

    So much loss this year. Hoping for better things from 2021.


  • Good topic and some good lessons for a difficult year. For me I think number 2, being content with yourself is a key to many of the others. Being content with yourself can help you enjoy each moment for what it is, it can help you relax and perhaps not be quite as prone to anxiety (though I think getting help can also be a key), it can help you accept the opinions of others knowing they don’t alter who you are, and it can help deal with the endless negative online assaults knowing they’re meaningless and don’t change who you are. Of course, it’s all so much easier in writing than it is in life, but it gives us something to keep striving for.


  • Great post, Lashaan! This made me think what I learned this year and I’m still thinking. 😅 I guess this year I learned to manage time better. Living everyday, not to worry about future or something that may or may not happen in life.
    I hope 2021 has something better for everyone.


  • Yes, toxicity was at an all-time high. Do you see the commercial where 2020 meets the devil and they see the year out? Toilet paper hoarding was the first sign.


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