The Invisible Life of ADDIE Larue : BOOK REVIEW

Hi guys, Trang’s back! Sorry for these few days hiatus 🙂 AND HAPPY HOLIDAYS! But I just finished this book and I HAD TO share my thoughts with all of you. Well, let’s say it took me 2 hours to actually start writing this post because there were so many thoughts and so many emotions that come with one’s sensation of finishing a book.

Reading The Invisible Life of Addie Larue was weirdly familiar, as if I have been drawn back to a world where I knew where it’s going, where I knew the style and the setting and it has that intimate feeling whispering to you : here you are, I have been waiting for you. One would argue it might be the writing style of VE Schwab, because after all, I have been loving all of her work so far. But this was something else. Instead of going for the archetypal Fantasy and a magical world and setup that we all know her for, she went for a deeper and meaningful message in this one. It’s more mature and fully fledged.

Addie Larue as a character is a strong message to the world, the story begins with her struggles to society’s norms that she knew she didn’t belong to the point of risking selling her soul to the devil for the freedom she longs for. And as always, there’s always a price to pay and she paid it alright, big time. Her journey has been an inspiration and with all the grasping details that Schwab delivers, one can’t resist thinking if Addie Larue really exists. And as I read more and more pages a clear image of that sense of familiarity flashes before me: The Night Circus. This book reminded me of my favourite book by Erin Morgenstern and I was shocked, because there was no circus, there was no evident magical elements like itself but the atmosphere still feels the same. That’s why it’s so fascinating, she manages to emanate my reader’s sense, the emotional effect of bringing this world to life and successfully allow me to comprehend the idea of an upcoming romance story coming without revealing the suspense.

Fair warning about the pace though, it can drag and be slow at times. VE Schwab didn’t come to play with this one and to be fair this might be her longest book yet. A lot of details, a lot of timelines but it’s always for a greater purpose. Pay attention to the dates and the jump back and forth and why she’s hiding things from us in the beginning because those clues will be useful for the end.

I would definitely recommend this book and just so you know, I now have book hungover. Like when you don’t want to read anything else in fear of losing this feeling haha.

Did you read this book? How did you find it?

Big thank you to Indigo Canada for sending me this book to review!



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