5 Reasons You Should Watch Bridgerton

When I saw the trailer on Netflix, I KNEW I had to watch this show and I fell in love with it! I was a big fan of Gossip Girl and so the concept it was in the Regency Era was even better. I found some similar patterns to my favourite shows and so here are 5 good reasons to watch this one:

  1. The script. One of the things I absolutely hate in TV Shows is a bad script. And surprisingly, as I watch Bridgerton I find myself impressed with some of the lines! And I found out it was actually inspired by the Bridgerton series by Julia Quinn, which explained why the script was good haha.
  2. The chemistry. There was an actual chemistry on screen between the main characters. That is so important in any romantic series and Daphne and Simon nailed it. From the initimate glares, the teasing, the laughing to the steaming scenes. The cast have done it beautifully.
(c) Tenor Gif

3. The blend with modernity. Like with any historical fiction, the JOY of seeing the costumes on set. Now some people complained about how cheap the costumes look or the plastic feel of it, the costume designers state that they wanted to introduce a more modern version in the show which explains modern fabrics as well. They also introduce a few Pop Music hits but in a classical version and I find it brilliant.

(c) YouTube

4. Lady Danbury and The Queen. These two wonderful women and characters absolutely stole the show for me LOL The humor and the sassiness were impeccable.

(c) Tumblr- It’s Bridgerton

5. The beautiful aesthetic and set-up. The art director of this show must have had a blast because it’s beautiful from every angle. All the dances, to the houses, to the shops were gorgeous.

Now, I’m not saying this show is perfect. It did have some flaws; some episodes were irrelevant and some characters were actually annoying. However, as long as I remember I haven’t enjoy a romantic historical fiction in so long and I was ready to overlook those aspects.

Have you watched this show? Did you read the books? Did you like it?

Post Written by Trang Tran


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