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Good ol’ Mark Millar couldn’t see his beloved series completed on the silver screen but curious comic book readers can still go discover the series that allowed a part of it to be adapted by Netflix. If there’s one good thing that the show gave me, it was to add this series to my TBR (no, I didn’t watch the show in the end). That being said, it wasn’t a perfect series.

Part of the Millarworld, it was originally a two-volume series called Jupiter’s Legacy. It then saw two additional volumes that served as prequel and titled Jupiter’s Circle. With the recent Netflix TV series release, all volumes were re-released under the title Jupiter’s Legacy, with the first two volumes being the prequels.

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  • I really enjoyed the original two volumes of Jupiter’s Legacy, and then read the prequels which I found too soapy. I will definitely read the sequel that Millar is working on now. I watched the entire Netflix series and it was so uneven. I was rooting for the show, esp for dreamy Josh Duhamel and the appealing Leslie Bibb, but it just wasn’t any good.

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    • Yep, it did have a touch of soapiness. I did like that those prequels stories were sort of mentioned in the original series (in like a panel or two) and that he just ended up creating those stories off those ideas. And yes, your thoughts on the show also made me question my desire (which was already quite small after a couple of days post-release). 😛 Thanks for reading, Nancy!

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  • I don’t know whether I’ve read anything by Millar. I looked through his bibliography and it doesn’t appear so. Looks like a large part of his Marvel work was the Ultimate this and that, which I never tried (there were just too many series all trying to reimagine the different characters, so I gave up trying most of them). And I think I may have already scaled way, WAY back on my comics reading by the time he came around. I have seen some of his movies and enjoyed them (Kick-Ass and Logan). This series doesn’t really attract me, but I do prefer the look of those with Quitely doing the artwork. I kind of like that style. The other artists have a more old-school look to them, which perhaps fit the story and time it’s set in.

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    • Hahaha your “Ultimate this and that” comment made me laugh. When I started comics a couple of years ago, it was the first thing that stood out for me from Marvel’s comics. Superior this. Ultimate that. Super UItimate this. It really made it all so unappealing… The movies based on his stuff are indeed critically acclaimed though, so if you ever want to try the source material of those, then that might be a nice way to discover Mark Millar’s bibliography. And yes, Quitely’s artwork is a very peculiar style. Rough around the edges but it fit with the tone and direction for me, after a couple of pages. Torres’ artwork is very modernized, flashy, contrastful.


  • There’s something very odd about these and the Netflix show that I can’t quite put my finger on. It seems abrasive and off putting. I do own a couple of the comics. Any ideas, Lashaan?

    It’s great to read your review of it all though, thanks for sharing big guy.

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    • There is something about costume design and CGI budget that might explain the show’s effect on you hahah As for the comics, I honestly think it just comes down to how curious you are about the premise of it all. 😛 It’s nice to hear from you, my friend. I hope you’re doing well, good sir. You seemed to have been going through a rough patch these past months.


  • I’m intrigued by the comics and from the snippets alone, can see how the show was inspired by it. While the Netflix adaptation surely wasn’t perfect, I think it’s a shame that it got cancelled. It sucks especially, because they do want to make a spin off with villains, but I would have rather continued following the now established characters. Feels like a waste of money now.

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    • Yep, your thoughts on the show also helped me decide if it was something I wanted to invest in or not too hahah I couldn’t invest time into it now knowing that it’s an unfinished product too. It’s a rough business hahah Thanks for reading, Kat! Hope you’re well!

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  • I actually liked the series more than I did the comic (though I started with what is now no 3 and finished at that 🤣) – while the beginning of the Netflix series was pretty weak and plastic-looking, it did get better and especially the parts in the past had a nice guilty horror vibe to them. It’s a mixed bag anyway, though, and definitely not Millar’s best – but it’s not too bad, either 😉

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  • The cast of the TV show is insane (speaking strictly from the trailer). Netflix commissioned SO many shows (especially this past year), it was only natural that some would be the axe.

    “piques your curiosity” – I see what you did there.

    I like the part of the comix that makes us feel like the Earth is shaking. Genius.

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    • Yeh, Netflix has become a monster distributor. More and more A-list talents have been on board with them (I don’t even know how they get all this done so fast) but series are bound to birth and die like this one if viewers aren’t attracted by it. And yes, that Earth-shaking effect is nicely done! Thanks for reading. I hope you are well!

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