Sunshine Blogger Award #3 and #4

Hello lovelies!

Ain’t it a beautiful day! Hope everyone is having a good one and enjoying every second of it. Whether it’s by eating your favorite dessert or reading your current book! You know that last one can easily book a smile on our face. So does the former though… OH WELL! Here we are with a deluxe edition of a Sunshine Blogger Award! We’d really love to get through all them tags and awards we got stockpiled so we can be up to date with all the fun goodies you guys deliver at our doors.

Without further ado, here’s our third and fourth nomination given by the great Jesse @ Books At Dawn and Rae @ bookmarkchronicles ! You guys should definitely go peek at their windows—hmm… that ain’t creepy at all..— they’ve got some really entertaining content and are really amazing to talk too! 😀 Continue reading

Versatile Blogger Award


HI there ! 😀 Yes it’s us again.. we are ON FIRE TODAY LOL  We were nominated for The Versatile Blogger Award by the lovely Giovanna @BookComaBlog . If you haven’t checked out her blog yet, you should do it nowww ❤ 😀

Here are the rules:

  1. Show the award on your blog
  2. Thank the person that has nominated you.
  3. Share 8 different facts about yourself (we changed it for bookish, music, fashion, movie/tv show, sports, education/professionnal, food facts  about you).
  4. Nominate a few blogs of your choice
  5. Link your nominees and let them know of your nomination

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The Infinity Dreams Award #2


Hey everyone,

Hope everyone’s having/had a wonderful day! How about we team up and embark on another adventure together? Today, we’ve got ourselves a nifty little award to present and share with all our followers. This time around, it’s the amazing mjeestrella @ blablagraphy that tagged us way back in the ages. If you haven’t come across her blog before, I think you should definitely drop by at the end of this post! Make sure you say hello! 😉 So here we go with The Infinity Dreams Award! Continue reading

Real Neat Blog Award


Hello Our Favorite Space Monkeys <3,

         It’s that time of the month again! Yep, yep. Another award to add to our collection and this time it’s the wonderful Kayla who’s tagged us a real long time ago. We’re so sorry it took us this long to get this done, but we’re eternally grateful that you thought of us when doing this award! 😀 If you aren’t already following her blog, you should definitely check it out. Nothing like another bookworm friend, right? And so, here’s the Real Neat Blog Award! Continue reading

One Lovely Blog Award



Hello lovelies <3,

It’s time again to clear up more tags and awards that were stacking up as time’s flying by! This time, we’ve got the One Lovely Blog Award to share with everyone. We were tagged by three awesome bloggers for this award: Killkenny @ Please Kill The Messenger, Giovanna @ bookcomablog and The Family @ Teens and Tweens Book Club. If you’ve never heard of their blogs, you know you’re missing out on excellent entertainment. Please take the time to check out their pages. Since this award is fairly simple, we decided that we might as well knock down all three at the same time. Now, on to the rules! Continue reading

Encouraging Thunder Award


Hello our favorite followers ,

          We’ve got a brand new award to present on our blog and it goes by the name of the Encouraging Thunder Award! This time, we were tagged by Sarah @ Bits & Books with Sarah and we’re happy to finally be able to post this long awaited award and share it with everyone. Thank you again Sarah for the nomination and we hope there’s no hard feelings for taking our time in getting this done! 😀 Without further ado, let’s get right to business.

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Siblinghood of the World Bloggers Awards #2

dada copy

           It’s been a really long time since we were nominated for this award. I believe those will be the first words to every subsequent gifts from our fellow bloggers until, some day, when we’ll find hidden supernatural powers to get us up to date with all these awards. Nevertheless, we’re absolutely thankful and honored for every mention and love you all for thinking of us when searching thoroughly for nominees! ❤

          For every award, every single one of you deserves lots of hugs and a huge cake filled with love! Today, we’re going to let loose a wild bull that’s been fighting restlessly to leave his cell for a while. Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award #2 by Sumaya. Thank you so much for tagging us! If you guys have never heard of her blog, you should definitely check it out. Another fantastic book blog to follow ! Her blog are just that enjoyable! 😀 Without further ado, here are the famous rules, our answers and more questions for our own nominees! 😉 Continue reading

Blogger Recognition Award

Awards are given for encouragements, accomplishments and recognition. They serve as a nifty way to keep people going forward and acknowledges a persons capabilities in doing something. They can be seen as goals or rewards. But they’re always bound to enlighten an individuals day. We usually tend to be on the other end of the award-giving event and never really realize the joy it procures in giving others a little something that they most likely didn’t expect. Blogging opened us to that world. Unexpected and truly touched by our first awards, we didn’t realize that giving shout outs and receiving them could feel so ecstatic. We’re always grateful and touched by all the awards that are thrown at us and we’ll never miss the chance to express our appreciation for them. The Blogger Recognition Award is not exception.

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Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award

Hi my lovelies ❤ !

We are back again with another award ! We would like to give a big big big thank you to Monique for this nomination! Check out her blog, it’s so worth it :3.  We don’t like spamming with award posts since we just did one recently, but this one was given to us last month so I think it is time to do it..ahhaha xD Since it’s a sisterhood award, I ( the girl in the couple), will be answering the questions 😉

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Fan Choice Award


Hello fellow Bookidotians <3,

Today we’d like to put up a new award that was given to us, not to mention hand-made, by a “little girl group of bookworms and also comics lovers in a college in Norway”. In order to show their appreciation, their spokesperson, Laura, personally messaged us to let us know that they want to show their love for the dedication we’ve put into Bookidote. As their traditions goes, they wanted to continue to give back to people and this seemed like a great way to do so for our case. And so, to show our followers that we always hear you guys out, here is our Fan Choice Award.

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Sunshine Blogger Award #2

Hello lovelies <3,

We were nominated once again for the Sunshine Blogger Award and, seeing how loyal and incapable to refuse awards we are, here’s our Sunshine Blogger Award #2. Big thanks to Teens and Tweens Book Club for nominating us for this award, it’s a great pleasure for us to have you as one of our followers and we hope you’ll hang around as we continue to grow and share our thoughts on countless of books to be read.. or already read.

Since my girlfriend did the previous Sunshine Blogger Award, I will take this opportunity to answer through the questions!

“The whole idea of the Sunshine Award is that you nominate eleven bloggers who put a little sunshine in your day, who are positive, creative, and inspiring.”

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The Liebster Award

Ladies and gentlemen,

               We are glad to present to you a brand new award. An award that was given to us to put us on a podium among new bloggers. We would like to give a big thank you to Ana Slanina for nominating us for the Liebster Award ! It is really a pleasure for us to have followers that appreciate our new blog. We will continue to thrive and put up more reviews for the world to see. We’re eternally grateful to all our followers, for their interactions and the continuous interest in our reviews. We hope to keep things going and have more folks join us in this virtual diary. A diary we love to share with the online peeps. A diary that’ll grow to be less personal and more communal.

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Sunshine Blogger Award

This award is like the cutest award ever, million thanks to Aneta for nominating me. Let’s just say you told me at the right moment I had some negativity vibe here haha :3 ❤

“The whole idea of the Sunshine Award is that you nominate eleven bloggers who put a little sunshine in your day, who are positive, creative, and inspiring.” 

– Answer the 11 questions from the blogger who nominated you.
– Nominate some wonderful bloggers and write 11 questions for them to answer.

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