All The Light We Cannot See ft Avalinahs Books

Hi y’all! I have a very interesting post today 😀 I have buddy read All The Light We Cannot See with Evelina from Avalinahs Books 🙂 Instead of going with a normal review post, we will do a conversation-interview discussing the book!


She asked me some questions about the book and I will answer them here. A big shoutout to the sweet Evelina for doing this with me 😀 Kind of feel bad that this book turns out as a bad experience for her HAHA You can check out her post here ! Give it a look ! ❤


  1. Basically. Have you EVER read a book that’s harder to get into than this?? What was it that finally drew you in – the plot, the characters? The writing?

I have to say this book was not the hardest to get into in all of my experiences LOL I find To The Lighthouse by Virginia Wolf was harder to get into than this. For All The Light We Cannot See, the writing finally drew me in. Anthony Doerr has a certain way with words. He writes beautifully!  Continue reading

Me Before You ft. AnetteReads- A fashion tag


I had the pleasure to do a read-along with Anette at the beginning of April for Me Before You 😀 We had a lot of fun in doing it and I wanted to do a fashion tag kind of post for our read-along where we will take turn to answer. We both love fashion and I thought this was the best way to do a read-along post.

My review for the book will be coming soon (probably in a month..LOL).
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Red Queen Read-Along

First off, the Red Queen readalong was held on the second week of March and was mostly via Instagram with these lovely ladies (they all have amazing instagrams accounts btw so you should all follow them).


Elena @ The Queen Reads : Blog / Instagram / Twitter

Other instagrammers: @booksandbookshelfs@dannii.elle.reads

Our instagram: @bookidote

GLASS OF SWORD READALONG– will publish the post soon 😀 


So me and the girls have come up with some pretty cool actors and actresses for Red Queen, because we all know.. THERE WILL BE A MOVIE YAS.  Continue reading

Join March Read-Along + Currently Reading

march-readalongHello lovely bloggers and readers ❤ 

After the fun experience from a few read-alongs this month, I want to do some more for March 😀 I’m planning on reading these books in the near future, let me know if you want to join me for a read-along this month!

Here are some rules : *UPDATED: BOOKS ARE PICKED*

  1. Pick a book  on the list
  2. Comment what book you would like to read with me for  March (or later too,  I can take your blog’s name and get back to you  if you are still planning to read it)
  3. Feature other blogger’s name in your banner and post (or just my blog ahah if it’s just you and me buddy 😉 )
  4. I usually read a book per week (but honestly I tend to read 2 books at the same time LOL) that’s why I don’t want to impose  a deadline or anything ! Just publish your post whenever you feel like it.
  5. But the fun is to read in the same week heehe or at least start at the same time. So let me know and we will decide a date 😀 
  6. It’s really flexible, you can do a Discussion post during our reading week or post some read-along comments here and there in your review !


    1st week of March: The Wrath and The Dawn

    2nd Week : Red Queen

    3rd Week: Glass Sword- Currently Reading

    4th Week: Me Before You

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Throne of Glass by Sarah J.Maas + Read-Along


MY RATING: ★★★☆  

I’ll start by saying that I had really high expectations for this book from all the hype I see around WordPress,Goodreads, Tumblr and Instagram. Like, litterally everywhere. For those who haven’t read this book yet and are wondering hmm what’s this book about and why is it so popular ? Here’s my summary for you: Celaena, who’s a famous assassin has to go in competition against other criminals to become the King’s Champion, in other words, the King’s Assassin. In the meantime, she gets close to Chaol, the  captain of the guard and Dorian, the Crown Prince. A little romance here and there and bang.  You got the story for the novel. That’s it?! No no !! My favourite part in the novel : there’s a series of mysterious murders happen inside the castle and nobody has a clue. The bodies are placed in the most bizarre way possible. Now you must ask yourself, it a horror story? NAH. REALLY NAH. The suspense is there but you won’t have nightmares about it.

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The Young Elites (The Young Elites #1) by Marie Lu // Fangirling Freakout With Trang From BookiDote!

The Young Elites Read-Along with Amy from Bookenthral! 😀 I thought her post was perfect haha I would not do any better so here you go guys ! Here are my next read-alongs:

14/02/2016- 20/02/2016- Throne of Glass with Anette Reads, Lora Shouse and Luke Taylor

21/02/2016-27/02/2016 – Night Cirus/The Wrath and the Dawn with Aubreys Book Nook and Jacqueline

And if you want to join me feel free to contact me here 🙂

My first reblog 😉 Enjoy our fangirling time ! I’ll be putting an official review soon ! – Trang

Book Enthral


Can I take a second to say this book has been out for 16 months and I only just read it. THAT’S 16 MONTHS WITHOUT IT’S AMAZINGNESS IN MY LIFE! I give out 5 star reviews so sparingly (most;y because I’m stingy) but also because I want any book I give 5 stars to, to automatically become one of my favourites! AND THE YOUNG ELITES HAS DONE THAT!!!


5 stars

5 stars – It was mind-blowingly awesome!!!! Holly crap!! It was PERFECTION Everyone should read it as soon as they can!

PS This review is going to be hella spoiley I suggest reading the book first!

Trang and Me did a bubby read to The Young Elites and we’re in complete agreeance of its amazingness! We both think Adelina is The Coolest Character Ever!



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The Fifth Wave – Read-Along

5thwave read-along copy


Starting off the month of February is my first Read-Along for The 5th Wave featuring Aubrey’s Book NookTasha and Carmen  (recently joined few minutes ago wooohoo!) who are joining me in this fun adventure 😀  In this Read-Along, each of us will publish a discussion post where we talk about our thoughts while reading the book this week.

If you are reading the 5th Wave too, comment below and follow us on our social medias as we share our thoughts there daily ! Continue reading

Join February Read-Along + Currently Reading

february-read-alongHello my bookworm friends 😀

This post is to litterally ask you guys if some of you want to start this read-along feature with me for February ! I have a lot of books on TBR pile and I want to read them but also being able to discuss with other bookworms. You will be features along with my blog in my review  and discussion posts. I will also be making the banner for this read-along and you can post it in your blog. You can also do your own banner of course, I know a lot of you out there who have graphism skills 😉 Continue reading