The Who Am I Tag

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It feels like it has been ages since we’ve published a tag together, and we got the perfect one to share with everyone today! If you didn’t know already, Bookidote is a team of two bloggers. One chick and one GUY; do not let the rarity fool you! We have been sharing our thoughts about everything and anything for quite some time now, but we still feel like we could share a bit more about us! Oh, this one is going to be interesting! Continue reading

The This Is My Genre Tell Me Yours Book Tag

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There’s nothing like a good ol’ tag to warm the heart! Or so goes the saying. 😀 Today, we were kindly tagged by The Orang-Utan Librarian to dive into the This-Is-My-Genre-Tell-Me-Yours Book tag! This quick and easy (who am I freaking kidding) tag is all about sharing that one (two? 😀 :D) genre that makes you feel all warm and fuzzy in the inside. So, without wasting any more of your precious time, here we go!

The Rules:

  • Credit the bad bad  Drew @ TheTattooedBookGeek as the creator of the tag, use the created tag name graphic and link back to his blog.
  • Answer the questions.
  • Tag as many people as you want.
  • No long list, simple really!

1. What’s your favourite genre?

Lashaan: The Orang-Utan Librarian did us the courtesy of talking about classics, a “type of genre” that I also would have put at the top of the list ANYDAY, EVERYDAY. However, in order to shed more lights on the unknown or on the frightening genres out there, I’m going to put forth one of my favourite genres today: COMIC BOOKS! This category has been crawling out of the shadows for the past couple of years, and is simply a playground that everyone should give a try some day! Continue reading

What Would That Villain Read? | Special Tag

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Halloween was right around the corner and only one thing crossed our minds. CANDYYY! We hope everyone had a fantastic Halloween weekend and night! You better have all stayed safe out there and had a blast—hey, that includes reading your favourite novels in the warm comfort of your beds!

Today, we thought we’d bring you guys a special tag that could raise the evil in all of us! Bookish evil, that is! 😀 Here’s a little special tag for you guys to enjoy! Continue reading

Pokémon GO Book Tag


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The addiction is real. The chaos followed. The fun continues. Pokémon Go is the fuzz and hasn’t stopped many people from going after Pokémon’s at every corner of their hood. People started using this as an incentive to jog, others made it a daily gang meet-up at the peek of the moon to lure Pokémon’s and dominate gyms. If anything, this augmented reality game has done great improvements and damage to our society! But, skipping the opportunity to do a Pokémon GO Book Tag? Not on our watch! Continue reading

This or That Tag

Hi Guys! 😀

We are now back with a TAG, YUS YUSS. Thank you to two of the lovely bloggers, Hiraethforthepages and Aubresbooknook, for tagging us 😀


  • MENTION THE CREATOR OF THE TAG: AYUNDA @ TEA AND PAPERBACKS and Sarah&Faith @ Sublimereads (Again we love these two bloggers ❤ 😀 Definitely check them out!! )

Since we have been tagged in two different posts with different questions, we selected a few of them and mixed them up! 

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Me Before You ft. AnetteReads- A fashion tag


I had the pleasure to do a read-along with Anette at the beginning of April for Me Before You 😀 We had a lot of fun in doing it and I wanted to do a fashion tag kind of post for our read-along where we will take turn to answer. We both love fashion and I thought this was the best way to do a read-along post.

My review for the book will be coming soon (probably in a month..LOL).
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Harry Potter Tag



One night, I had nothing to do so I was procrastinating on the Internet and found a list of Spells from Harry Potter and then, I told myself WHY NOT MAKE A BOOKISH TAG ABOUT IT? Yeah Trang, great idea (even if we have a couple of tags stacking up in our closet :D). Each function from the spells are inspired to a book category. Important rule: you can’t use any of the HP books in the answer *smirk* MUAHAH I hope y’all watched the movies because we are going down memory lane!

Here we go!  Continue reading

Playlist Shuffle Tag

Hi my lovelies  😀

Trang here! Big thank you to Jonas @ Other Things and Astra @ A stranger’s Guide Novel to tag us for Playlist Shuffle Tag. I think the name says it all LOL

I’m a big music addict that’s why I am really happy to do this post hih and I’d love all of you to do it too! I want to discover some new music 😀 If you want to do it just let me know and I’ll put you in my nominees!!


Jesse@ BooksAtDawn Yarravy @ Hireathforthepages Amy @BookEnthralPoulami @ DayDreamingBooksNazaheth @ReadDiverseBooks – Jenna @ FictionalNeverLand Continue reading

The Love Tag

jvjvHello Everyone ! ❤

          What’s a better way to celebrate Valentine’s Day than a little love tag, right ? 😀 No. Seriously. It’s the 14th of February already and we all know how it’s that time of the year where roses and heart-shaped chocolate boxes are given out to everyone’s loved ones; when your wallet permits it. As cute as Valentine’s Day is as a concept, its premise is quite blinded by popular culture. Now, now there. Don’t get me wrong. What I want to convey here is that Valentine’s Day shouldn’t just be a day to celebrate your love for your girlfriend/boyfriend. It should be a day to show appreciation to your beloved family—where family encompasses every loved one with whom you share an intimate relationship. In fact, shouldn’t every day be Valentine’s Day in its traditional sens? Don’t you think that we should be showing our love to our girlfriend/boyfriend’s, without restraints, every single second of our lives? All this to say that we are absolutely glad to tell you all that we love you all for all the kind words, precious time spent with us and much appreciated love you’ve all given us through this blogging world. We sincerely hope a great Valentine’s Day to every single one of you and wish to enlighten your day with this quick little post to celebrate this day that honors the greatest gift one person could give to another; love.

We were inspired to create this tag to tell everybody that love is a gift, but so are books. 😀 So here’s The Love Tag. We’re also really curious about what you guys have to say in return.

Feel free to use the graphics (banner, titles,header) !  Continue reading

Dashing Through The Snow Tag

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Hi Y’all 🙂 We are back here with another and fun tag  ! Wev’e been tagged by Books at Dawn , super sweet guy ! 😀 Thank you very much for that. We also changed our theme home page to a Christmassy feel, so go check it out after reading this post 😉 That aside, I want to thank you my boyfriend for updating this blog these past weeks, I’ve been so busy with school, the finals and work. He has been a sweetheart to me ❤ And I want to let everyone know how I am grateful to have him hihi 😀 Continue reading

Around The World (Books) Tag


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               We’re back with a new challenge and this time it’s the Around The World (Books) Tag. Quite an interesting idea we have here and we’re glad that Jesse Nicholas @ Books at Dawn tagged us! Thank you for sharing the fun with us and we’re as thrilled as you were doing it. After all, travelling is also one of our favorite activities of all time. Nothing like discovering cultures, admiring art in its innumerable forms and enjoying life to the fullest! Leaving our responsibilities back in our closet is probably the best part. Or maybe it’s the food. No, it’s definitely the food. *drool* Now, now. Let’s get back to business. If you haven’t checked out Jesse’s blog, you’re missing out on some consistent and awesome content. Go take a peek, after you’re done with this little adventure you’re about to embark on. 😉 Continue reading

The Emoji Book Tag

Hello lovelies <3,


Don’t fret. This is a real short post. We were tagged by Giovanna way, way back then. Thank you so much for thinking of us back then, check out her blog if that wasn’t already done.

Thought it was time to make this go public and show the world what The Emoji Book Tag is all about ! 😀

Rules: Relate your FOUR-FIVE most used or latest-used EMOJIs with your read books

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Halloween Edition: Trick or Treat Book Tag


First, big thank you to Teacup Library for the tag ! We’d love to spend Halloween with you ❤ haha and  what a cute blog name too 😀


  • Post two books one for trick and one for treat.
  • Tag your photo with trick or treat? and The Tcup Library.
  • Finally, tag at least two people you would want to spend Halloween with.


For my Trick book, I chose Monster Calls by Patrick Ness ! Why ? I don’t know..LOL I didn’t read it yet but it has that spooky vibe that would be perfect for Halloween 🙂 Have you read the book ? I’d love to know what you think about it !

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Mid-Year Book Freakout Tag

Credits to Jesse Nicholas for the picture 😉

It’s been a pretty long time since we’ve been tagged to do the #midyearbookfreakout tag by Ana. If you haven’t already checked her blog out, then your missing out on some good stuff buddy. It might not be the middle of the year right now, but hey. We still want to do this tag and… ain’t nobody gonna stop us now. *left arm on waist, right arm wiggling around wildly and then snapping* By the way, these are only my answers (Lashaan). 😀

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The Book Cover Guessing Challenge


Hello lovelies <3,

We were tagged by the wonderful Ashley to do the #bookcoverguessingchallenge. This might as well be our first post that isn’t a review or an award on our blog. It might come off silly, but this challenge basically asks you to pick pretty well-known novels that you have none to little knowledge about and try to guess what the story is about. Afterwards, you are to compare your description with the blurb of the novel on Goodreads. Fairly interesting challenge if you ask me. After all, aren’t we all a little guilty for judging some books by their covers? As long as a pretty book cover isn’t your only criteria for a must-read. :O So how about it? Let’s give this a go !

Cover1H is for Hawk by Helen McDonald

Trang: She thinks that the book might have something to do with a history teacher that’s insanely in love with animal predators, creatures of war. And one of those creatures is the one on the cover. This teacher, insane as he is, wants to become a hawk and so he studies and learns every strategy and technique these hawks use and use them for himself. That way, he can apply them to humans and dominate others. After all, hawks of like the meanest beasts out there when it comes to survival and attack.

Lashaan: I believe this book is about Falcone the Eagle. Falcone wants to become a hawk cause being the best eagle out there isn’t enough for him. He wants to see what hunting creatures through the eyes of a hawk is like. He then meets with Maroni the Hawk. The biggest, meanest, cruelest and oldest hawk out there. This hawk doesn’t age. This hawk is forever young, wild and free. It travels the world and doesn’t give two cents about other birds opinion. Falcone, seeing that Maroni isn’t the lifestyle for him, learns to avoid hawks and tries to find ways to make Maroni his prey. Only to get rid of such a lifestyle from his life.

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