Well, well, well, what do we have here? A sexy modern version of Archie ? YES. 


   In this volume, we follow around Archie and his friends right after his break-up with Becky, THE couple of their school! I gave this volume a straight 4 stars because it reads so easily. The reboot was totally worth it. I’ve missed this teenager vibe in the comics nowadays. Reviving this comic figure with 2016 fashion and lifestyle is one of the most beautiful idea ever! Continue reading

Archie #1 2015 by Mark Waid

ARCHIE #1 : ★★★★☆


Comics Icons reimagined by Mark Waid and Fiona Staples (Saga illustrator)! I got really excited about this when I learned it came out this year and I had to get it and give it a try. Oh my, you don’t know how grateful I am. Fiona Staples’s art is delicious to the eyes, very modern and contemporary, she succeeds in bringing the best of today’s fashion, lifestyles into this unique masterpiece. It has gossip, school, teenagers, relationship problems. A light and fun ride for this on going series ! One of the things that I LOVE THE MOST is the new look but somehow, Waid and Staples triumph keeping the old classic vibe too. If you have read Archie Comics in the past (I was not the ultimate fan but I’ve read some in my childhood), you will sure appreciate this new addition. Nostalgia and great surprises knocking at our doors !

I’m patiently waiting for the second issue ( since I can’t find it anywhere in Montreal but I will not loose hope haha). The next issue to come is #4 go grab it at your nearest comic store ! 😉 ❤

I just started the 1st issue last month and I wanted to give you guys a quick feedback on it and share this excitement with you all! See you 😀

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