10 Books That Need to be Adapted Into Shows/Movies

Hi everyone!

In a moment of pure spontaneity, Trang wanted us to share some of the books we would ABSOLUTELY love to see adapted into a movie or TV series!

TRANG: It literally happened when Lashaan was like imagine Six of Crows as a movie and I told him “I’M DROPPING MY REVIEW POST TOMORROW FOR A NEW ONE: BOOKS THAT NEED TO BE ADAPTED IN TO MOVIES” I have so much fun creating the graphics for this post! Hope you guys can feel that enthusiasm too 😀 

With the amount of potential these have, we only have SUPER HIGH expectations for any of these adaptations!


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The Perks of Co-Blogging

What up folks?

I’ve been thinking about this for a while now and I thought it would be a nice subject to touch base on since it isn’t exactly something that you often see out there. What am I talking about? Co-blogging, of course!

As you all might know, Bookidote is co-run by a gentleman and a lady: Me and Trang. It was created a couple of years ago to share a passion for books with a community we had not known existed. Only seen as nothing more than a new hobby for us to work on together, it has grown into something much bigger than life itself.

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Bookidote Wishes You a Happy New Year!

Hello beautiful people!

Of course, we are all well aware that 2017 has now come to an end. For some it will be a year filled with miserable and despicable events, for others, it’ll be a year filled with progress and success. For our part, at least when it comes to Bookidote, we have reached new milestones and created a beautiful connection with our fellow readers. Trang and I even succeeded in getting our first haters. 🤣 Who would’ve thought, right? However, we welcome everyone to our playground. 😉

Bookidote would never be where it is at today if it were not for the continuous support and generosity of the community.

YOU guys are what made us WHO we are today. 😎

We have remained in contact with some of the most amazing people who share the same high level of passion for books and all kinds of entertainment.

We have even met new players in this game over the year whose personalities shine brighter than the sun.

With the speedy arrival of 2018, we would like to share with you guys some of our top posts and what not to conclude these final days of 2017!

P.S. You can click on the banners to be redirected to our reviews.


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Why Do You Read?

Hi everyone! 😀

I don’t know about you, but this is one question that easily comes to mind when I reflect upon my life. Reading has become an essential and inseparable part of me.

Sort of like breathing.

The mere idea of quitting it would simply kill me.

But why exactly do I do it?


You’ve probably heard this one before. Books are my ships to uncharted and epic universes. With the pressures of real life responsibilities and the mundanity of every day routines, these little things that you hold in the palm of your hands serve as a fantastic vessel to escape reality and embark on grand adventures.

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Free Comic Book Day 2017 Haul

Hello beautiful people!

As some of you might know, yesterday was Free Comic Book Day!!! This event occurs on the first Saturday of May and is one that no comic book fan should miss out on! Having attended this event for three years straight, I know that #FCBD2017 is the day where I clean up my wallet and let go of all the green that inhabited it. 😀 Check out the cute and awesome video below to understand how AMAZING this day is. Who would actually say no to a day where you can get your hands on some free comics, introduces them to youngsters and share a passion for an industry that only growing with every year that goes by?!

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What Type Of Blogger Are You ? -V-Day Special

Hello lovely ladies and men!

It’s Valentine’s Day y’all and on this occasion we wanted to write a post where we can give back the love to all of you bloggers out there


These bloggers have the magical skill to make you laugh through your laptop screen, 100000000 miles away from them. They are just naturally funny without trying hard to be that way. You would always click on their posts to brighten your day and put a smile on your face.

In this category : Hey Ashers !  ; The Orangutan Librarian



They will give you a 300 page analysis on how a book had made an impact on them, digging out all the themes, analyzing all the character developments and personality traits. They want to make sure that they convey their thoughts without missing out on key elements! They take the time to write their reviews, their writing is impeccable and you know that THEY HAD A DRAFT. #SCHOLAR REPRESENT!

In this category we have : Zeezee, Lashaan from our blog LOL , ChocolatenwafflesLiz

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What is Bookidote? – Blogging Tips

Hello lovely people!

As part of a feature by Closet Readers, we were invited to share lessons that we’ve learned as bloggers to share with the community. Such an invitation could not be ignored, especially when we thought it was a perfect opportunity to share what Bookidote is all about. If you’re interested in this feature, don’t hesitate to take a peak at their blog for more information!


As some of you—if not all of you—already know, our home page tells you exactly what Bookidote stands for. In fact, it event gives you a pretty good idea no how to pronounce this word that assembles both ‘book’ and ‘antidote’! 😀 Continue reading

Upcoming Superhero Movies and How To Prepare For Them (Chapter 1)

Hello wonderful people!

     I hope everyone is having a magnificent day and that life is smiling at you (better not be a devious smile). Maybe a little bit of Bookidote will do some good! As you might have realized, superheroes are dominating television and cinemas! Any comic book fan would be thoroughly thrilled for all the exciting movies that are thrown at them. Even the non-comic readers can find pleasure in seeing all these wonderful movies hit the big screen and spread like wildfire on television! I mean, anything EPIC is always WELCOME, right? 😀 Continue reading

What Would That Villain Read? | Special Tag

Hello lovely birds! ❤

Halloween was right around the corner and only one thing crossed our minds. CANDYYY! We hope everyone had a fantastic Halloween weekend and night! You better have all stayed safe out there and had a blast—hey, that includes reading your favourite novels in the warm comfort of your beds!

Today, we thought we’d bring you guys a special tag that could raise the evil in all of us! Bookish evil, that is! 😀 Here’s a little special tag for you guys to enjoy! Continue reading

A Bookidote Discussion – What Do You Think About Speed-Reading?

Hello lovely bookworms! 😛

     Let’s not kid ourselves here. We all wished to be able to read a lot faster. With a TBR that grows at an exponential rate while our currently reading book is taking a decade to go through, it’s no surprise that we’ve contemplated the idea of having super speed-reading powers.


I’ve always personally seen myself as an incredibly slow reader. I’ve never been able to finish a 200 page novel in a single sitting or even in a day, but life has put in front of me people who are able to go through a 1000 pages in a blink of an eye. Young, I strongly avoided comparing my reading speed to anyone and everyone. Instead of having a high reading speed, I’d use more of my time per day to go through more chapters than another, faster, reader would. You see my compensating strategy there? Continue reading

Pokémon GO Book Tag


Yo yo yo,

The addiction is real. The chaos followed. The fun continues. Pokémon Go is the fuzz and hasn’t stopped many people from going after Pokémon’s at every corner of their hood. People started using this as an incentive to jog, others made it a daily gang meet-up at the peek of the moon to lure Pokémon’s and dominate gyms. If anything, this augmented reality game has done great improvements and damage to our society! But, skipping the opportunity to do a Pokémon GO Book Tag? Not on our watch! Continue reading

What Type of Reader Are You?- A Bookidote Discussion

Hello lovely readers!

You know what’s amazing about bookworms? We all have a particular style (and sometimes more than one), yet we love each with all our hearts! 😀 It’s somewhat mind-boggling the different type of readers that roam around the world, and laying out a list of some of them, from the top of our heads, made this entry one of the biggest revelation of mankind; all right, maybe it’s not that big of a deal.

There’s still so many different readers out there, and so we’ve come up with a fun little list to share with everyone! It might not be thorough list out there, but that’s where you come in and share with us what you think you are!

Let’s jump right into this! 😀 

Each type of reader we came up with has their own book name haha 😉 Thumbs up if you recognize them! 

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Monthly Wrap-Up | June 2016

Hello wonderful people!

It’s the end of June and the beginning of July! The core of summer is near and it’s that time of the month where we revisit all the posts we’ve published, all the wonderful books we’ve discovered and all the great cinema we might have crossed paths with!

Let’s get right to it then! 😀



– 05/06/16 – Me Before You by Jojo Moyes

– 14/06/16 – Relativity by Antonia Hayes Continue reading

Q&A With Lisa Jewell


Hello everyone!

     Lately we’ve been participating in the Summer Fiction Blog Tour hosted by Simon & Schuster Canada. Last week’s novel of the week was The Girls In The Garden and Trang has made a review for it a couple days ago. If you haven’t checked it out yet, click here and then come back. 😀 What you’re about to read is a sweet and short interview with the author herself, exclusively for Simon & Schuster. If the novel piqued your interest, don’t forget to get your hands on a brand new copy! Now, on to the show! 😛 Continue reading

YALLWEST Chapter 4 : Event Haul


    We were really stunned by all the goodies you could get (pins, books, patches, bookmarks, books, book chapter previews, posters, pens, totes, books). What was even more amazing is how excited some of the younger kids were in winning prizes and getting free things of various authors! It can definitely bring a tear to the eye in seeing a young generation appreciating novels in a hedonistic, pleasure-first, society! Continue reading

YALLWEST Chapter 3 : Day 2 (meeting bloggers)


Check out our YALLWEST Chapter 1 here.

Check out our YALLWEST Chapter 2 (meeting Marie Lu, Leigh Bardugo,etc) here.

P.S: This is going to be a hell of a post LOL be aware! (Journal Entry time)


Hey guys! 😀

    The final push was on! After coming late and finding out that we’ve missed out on some amazing giveaways that went on a first-come, first-served basis, we HAD to wake up earlier and compromise on this last day of YALLWEST. In fact, the most devastating news—especially for Trang, being a huge fan of this—is the lucky folks who managed to grab a copy of Gemina by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff. This unreleased sequel to an outstanding novel was given away to some really, really lucky people who managed to get in line first at some of the tents. If this wasn’t a motivation for Trang to wake up early, then I don’t know what was. Continue reading

YALLWEST Chapter 1 : Introduction

Hello lovelies! ❤

Almost a month ago we shared our excitement with all of you guys of our soon-to-happen adventure. It’s with even more hysteria that we’re here to yell that we’re just ONE DAY AWAY FROM THE BIG EVENT!!! HOORAY!! YALLWEST is about to officially open its doors to all the crazed bookworms out there in Santa Monica! There’s nothing more titillating than being able to assist this amazing convention AND visit LOS ANGELES for the FIRST TIME EVER!!! But this wouldn’t an adventure if we didn’t share this with everyone! As part of the YALLWEST 2016 event, we’re going to launch a 5 chapters mini-series right here on our blog giving an assessment of all the formidable things we’ve seen, smelt and heard! Continue reading

Top Upcoming Books to TV Shows/Movie Adaptations

What’s cooking everybody! ❤

If the Oscars didn’t show this in neon colors, then I will! A lot of books are now becoming more and more the first source of inspiration for directors. Not only are books the perfect place to find a plot that can be translated to the cinematographic world, books deserve to be given a GOOD new vision to an author’s creation. I know, I know. A LOT of TV shows/Movie adaptations really fail miserably and miss by a long mile. But, as an avid cinema fan, I believe cinema can bring a completely immersive experience that books can’t do and wish they could. Although, it does go the other way around to! Movies can’t reach the amount of depth and detail as books can. In fact, there are messages and point of views that sometimes can’t be translated on the big screen. But let’s stop there. This is a topic for another day! Continue reading

Sunshine Blogger Award #3 and #4

Hello lovelies!

Ain’t it a beautiful day! Hope everyone is having a good one and enjoying every second of it. Whether it’s by eating your favorite dessert or reading your current book! You know that last one can easily book a smile on our face. So does the former though… OH WELL! Here we are with a deluxe edition of a Sunshine Blogger Award! We’d really love to get through all them tags and awards we got stockpiled so we can be up to date with all the fun goodies you guys deliver at our doors.

Without further ado, here’s our third and fourth nomination given by the great Jesse @ Books At Dawn and Rae @ bookmarkchronicles ! You guys should definitely go peek at their windows—hmm… that ain’t creepy at all..— they’ve got some really entertaining content and are really amazing to talk too! 😀 Continue reading