The Wicked + The Divine by Kieron Gillen (Vol.1)



‘ I don’t understand a word she’s saying. Nobody does. All we know is that it means everything. She’s been doing this for an hour, and it’s been all climax. Every second is the best of my life so far. ”

The artwork alone can steal all the stars from my rating. But not only  the drawings are great, the storyline is astonishing.

Imagine a world where your idols are Gods. Littereally Gods. They are selected in a particular way and they have 2 years of stardom, after that they have to die. The first volume introduces us to a young fan who got caught up with one of the wildest God of the gang : Luci… Lucifer 😉  Continue reading

Outcast (Volume 1) – A Darkness Surrounds Him by Robert Kirkman


“Seems like they’ve been trying to hurt me my whole life… I need to find out why.”

— Robert Kirkman, Outcast (Volume 1)

    This is actually the first series I’ve started that’s written by Robert Kirkman. Don’t hurt me! I’m up to date with the Walking Dead TV show (who’s ready for season 7’s big reveal?) and I do plan on checking out the very comics that brought the show to life (in some twisted way). While Robert Kirkman is a tour de force in the comic sphere, it’s not far-fetched to wonder if he can continue strive in the business by delivering new and exciting stories. Outcast, instead of visiting zombies, is actually something unusual from his part. Here, he preferred checking out the upside-down world of exorcism. In a rather small village, quite a few (a lot more than one would wish in his own town) are possessed and end up doing some really nasty things. Nasty enough for Kyle Barnes to help understand. Why him? Because he was one of the first to actually fight off a demon who inhabited his close ones. After a huge period of seclusion, he finally decided that it was time to find answers to all this. Among others, one particular question drives this man. “Why him?” Continue reading

Descender (Volume 1: Tin Stars) by Jeff Lemire


“But if it wasn’t a dream—then—where was I?”

— Jeff Lemire, Descender (Volume 1: Tin Stars)

    Image comics is known to set loose some very potential comic series. Descender is Jeff Lemire’s creator-owned projet, illustrated by Dustin Nguyen, and is another ongoing series that Image comics can proudly talk about. The first time I ran across this collected edition of the series, I was intrigued by the cover art. It didn’t take long before I started seeing the series pretty much everywhere. The story follows TIM-21. A young robot who’s artificial intelligence is as close to human’s as possible. While the first couple issues attempts to setup the story, readers will be thrown left and right to understand a unique universe where men clash with machine. Even if TIM-21 remains a crucial and important individual in the plot, a man who’s claimed to have invented the very technology behind artificial intelligence, bounty hunters, androids and various rulers are introduced. However, the plot makes sure to tie them all together as the first volume comes to an end. It is no simple task to talk about the story that unfolds since this is an adventure that is triggered from the moment you crack open the book. Continue reading

Rat Queens Vol. 1 : Sass and Sorcery by Kurtis J Wiebe

MY RATING: ★★★★★

I just found the biggest competition to Saga, people ! Meet The Rat Queens 🙂 The biggest Bad-Asses in the history of badasses LOL I never laughed out loud so much while reading a comic series. The pack includes 4 ladies : Betty, a hobbit expert thief, Dee, an Atheist Human Cleric, Violet a Dawrven Fighter and Hannah the Elvan Mage and also leader of the group. These ladies seem to always attract trouble wherever they go. They are also monsters killers for profit. The series follows their journey into demon slaying and dragon taming adventures.


The genius behind Rat Queens is the ability to blend characters with great depth, humour, action, attitude and the best fantasy elements in one story. The four kickasses have such a great dynamism. You can feel their differences, but also their friendship. The diversity in the characters is also amazing : we have small, tall, different ethnicity, different shape and size. Every single one of them have a strong backstory. The one thing they have in common? Their attitude. They don’t give a single fuck about other people, they go do their own things.  Continue reading

Sex Criminals Vol.1


Suzie, in the need of satisfying her sexual desires, starts to touch herself.. and suddenly time freezes. Not metaphorically speaking. LITERALLY. TIME STOPS.  That’s Suzie’s super power, people! You know what? It doesn’t stop there, she meets Jon and he possesses the same ability as her. Every time they have sex, they can stop time and do whatever they want. That’s when they decide to rob a bank.


The premise sounded good and I read so many good reviews about this new series. They also cover a theme that I am highly interested in. Sex. I had a lot of expectations. But after reading this volume, I lost faith in the series. Continue reading

East of West (Volume 1) – The Promise by Jonathan Hickman


“Love sends a man half way around the world… Just for the hope of catching it.”

— Jonathan Hickman, East of West (Volume 1) – The Promise

         Jonathan Hickman delivers a complicated, yet fascinating tale revolving around the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. It’s not because the plot is intricate and demands a level of analysis beyond simple pleasure-reading to thoroughly enjoy. In fact, it’s the execution and the effort put it in by the author to setup East of West that brings nothing more than confusion and gives the impression of a fragmentary creation. Set in a Western dystopian America where civil war is still in action, a prophecy, also known as “The Message” is brought back to life with the arrival of War, Famine, Conquest and Death. However, Jonathan Hickman brings readers a little twist. War, Famine and Conquest arrive on Earth under the form of children, while Death is missing. Our infamous character is in fact represented as a white cowboy who seeks to find the one thing that defeated him a while back. This volume, collecting issues #1 to 5, is a work of science fiction that plenty of fans have read and appreciated. His work also extends to the Marvel universe and is currently working on a bunch of comics set in the Marvel NOW! paradigm. Continue reading

Saga (Volume 2) by Brian K. Vaughan

“Never worry what other people think of you, because no one ever thinks of you.”

– Brian K. Vaughan, Saga (Volume 2)

            Mr. Vaughan, my man. My bruh. My hommie. Hook me up with some more of that stuff, will ye? It was already inconceivable to imagine how a person could actually top off the performance, the perfect execution of volume 1. Brian K. Vaughan is probably the only one who could bathe in this universe and pull of such amazing issues one after the other. How does an individual contain this much creativity and innovative ideas in themselves? It’s insane. The brilliancy behind each panel. The complexity of every character. The unexpected twists and engaging moments that prompts reader’s jaws to drop and eyes to widen.  Saga (Volume 2) collects issues #7 to 12 and brings new heights to this beautiful creation. This is a universe you’d want to live in yourself and explore every confines of their planets. In this trade paperback, family comes into play as we discover more insight on Marko and Alana’s background. The chase for this runaway couple continues in another fine volume of Saga.

“Some people are haunted by their pasts, but not my family. I mean, how can you be haunted by something that never really dies?”


            Compelling as ever, the story pursues unbelievable level of story-telling. You end up turning the page only to discover the unexpected. How is that possible? Easy. It’s Brian K. Vaughan. He just sustains amazing use of his science fiction and fantasy ideas. There were several moments that really had me staggered. As you might recall from volume 1, for Marko to use a spell, he needs a special something. In this volume, the use of spells was astonishing. It managed to deliver an amazing wow-factor. It rises the tension from zero to a hundred in an instant. It gets you to wonder how on earth did the writer even think about using that element of Saga’s world in such a beautiful fashion. SPOILER HERE: Hover over text to read. Volume 2 also introduces a new character and that person couldn’t have been introduced in a better way. This character was tied into the tale so smoothly, with so much finesse. It’s dazzling. SPOILER HERE: Hover over text to read.

            Gore is back and as awesome as ever. Violence comes roaring through pages when you least expect them. Sex still clings onto Saga and explores new horizons with more head-turning scenes. Saga (Volume 2) continues to balance everything out perfectly. You can’t turn a page without giggling or frowning in disgust. Fiona Staples art embellishes the ideas of Brian K. Vaughan. The artwork amplifies the power of the dialect. Everything seems to emanate from the details and nothing seems to be arbitrary and disposable. How do these two master comic book storytelling with so much grace? If you haven’t tried this comic series, let me tell you, my friend. You’re missing out on one of the best comics of all time.

“His parents didn’t say a word, but the point of their lesson was clear. Never forget. Never forget the countless heroes who sacrificed so much. And more importantly, never forget those evil fucks with the wings.”


            Did I mention how out of this world you have to be to actually imagine some of the things you find in these issues? Sometimes you have to just sit back and wonder how many blunts you must’ve smoked to come up with these epic ideas. This isn’t to encourage drug-use. Stay away from those, friends. Me and my girlfriend both don’t know if you were high, in the middle of a trance while jerking off to some really disturbing stuff or eating a pie, but whatever you were doing, please keep on doing it Mr. Vaughan. Saga is one hell of a universe and just doesn’t stop getting better. Great things have already been circulating around my ears about the following volumes. I am indubitably ready to get my hands on the following volumes. Well.. Actually.. we were ready to get the whole collection after a couple pages into volume 1. Brian K. Vaughan and Fiano Staples are a team that’s very, very hard to beat in today’s comic age. Hopefuly, Saga is a never-ending universe with plenty of more surprises to unveil. Cause, one things for sure. I’ve been chasing the dragon and each volume of Saga gave me a better, stronger and tastier dose. Don’t let a brutha done !

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My overall rating: ★★★★★/

Screen Shot 2015-07-23 at 11.24.49 PM

Saga (Volume 1) by Brian K. Vaughan

“Doesn’t matter if it’s personal or professional, a good partnership takes work.” 

– Narrator in Saga (Volume 1)

            Who would’ve thought that science fiction and fantasy could give birth to such a beautiful piece. I have been reading countless number of comics for a couple of months but I’ve never really dove into something more galactic. I have to say that I’m really glad that I came across this comic series and got the chance to read the first issues of this beautiful and promising story. Saga (Volume 1) by Brian K. Vaughan collects issues #1 to 6 and vows to get you hooked till the end. This trade paperback introduces us to some major characters while giving us a good idea of the setting and the overall situation. It also gives us amazing and very entertaining background stories that never cease to intrigue you. Saga familiarizes us with two soldiers, Alana and Marko, from two different planets, Landfall (the biggest planet in their universe) and Wreath (an orbit to Landfall). These two planets have been in war for years yet these two fellows fall in love after escaping a prison where she worked and he was imprisoned. Giving birth to a child in the midst of this war, this trade paperback focuses on these protagonists running away from their pursuers (people from Landfall and Wreath) who have concluded that these two soldiers have betrayed them while learning on their own backstories and personalities. Narrated by the new born, Saga unfolds several episodes of this newly founded family that seek peace in a universe condemned to violence and war.

Continue reading