The Sicilian by Mario Puzo


“Life is Beautiful.”

– Mario Puzo, The Sicilian

Quick! Hide! We got ourselves a potential challenger for The Godfather by Mario Puzo! Our great Mafiaso-know-it-all-without-being-one doesn’t exactly have an enormous and varied number of published novels, but one thing’s for sure. His greatest hits are short and The Sicilian is among his best masterpieces, my friend. Any fan of The Godfather trilogy should definitely go through this gigantic stack of papers cause it inserts itself right in the middle of the events that took place in the first novel. Don Corleone sends Michael Corleone on a trip to Sicily with a mission in his hands. Bring Salvatore “Turi” Guiliano back to America, safe and sound. Although one might think Michael is about to get a nice big novel focused just on him, The Sicilian has other plans for you. This book has its eyes mostly on Guiliano and his adventures that lead him to rise into one of the most feared bandits Sicily will come to know. Turi will become a legend among Sicilians and among avid fans of The Godfather.

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Omertà by Mario Puzo

“Some honorable men spend their whole life preparing for a supreme act of treachery”

– Mario Puzo in OmertÀ

            You know when you hear great words on a novel and forever memorize the author’s name? You then wish to know his career evolution, discover his work and assume being his number 1 fan right from the get go? I’m not ashamed to say that I am one of those people and Mario Puzo was the author’s name. Folks, I have to give you all a quick little life lesson. Some artists do not create masterpieces, 5 star worthy, mind boggling creations throughout their whole life. They have their ups and downs. They create pieces that might not suit everyone’s interests and definitely might not always get your praise. Authors are no exception. Omertà is my first novel from Mario Puzo; yes, before the beloved Godfather. And this was one of Puzo’s work that had my expectations really high and didn’t manage to satisfy them. Omertà is the story of Astorre Viola, an adopted child by the Great Don Raymonde Aprile. Molded early in his childhood, The Great Don saw in this child the perfect Mafioso. He acquainted him to Sicily and all the traditions that run through Sicilian blood. Seen by the Great Don’s children as a normal person who loves to ride horses as a pastime, Astorre never drawed suspicion on his knowledge of criminal activities. He vowed young to always respect Omertà, the code of silence. After a tragic event, Astorre sees that his time has come to reign over the empire his adoptive father has left behind.

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The Godfather by Mario Puzo


“I’ll make him an offer he can’t refuse.”

– Don Corleone in The Godfather

            What if I told you The Godfather is claimed to be one of the best piece of motion picture of all time? What came to my mind is an insatiable urge to find the novel and thoroughly read it before satisfying my cinematic needs. I had to read the bestseller classic novel and find out for myself how it got so many people hooked to this iconic figure, and at the same time figure out why it deserved a movie. Mario Puzo’s The Godfather (1969) is the novel that got me all fuzzy inside. In The Godfather, you get to see power and traditions being passed over from father to sons. This masterpiece tells the tale of an underground Sicilian mafia that forged it’s empire after immigrating in America from Sicily. Built from blood and tears, the family finds its wisdom and knowledge through the great Don. The Godfather. A man who lives his life by settling problems for others and making offers that can’t be refused. Old and wise, he’s seen as an old school mafia boss who finds his wealth through prostitution and gambling. But times have changed. He now lives in a period where new sources of income rises (yes, of course, drugs). Sadly, he also needs to pass on the torch to his sons since Father Time never cuts us some slack. The story focuses essentially on family as well as a great deal on values that the Don establishes in his family. Through unbelievable story-telling, we enroll in a journey to follow this family as they wage war with great Mafia Families. Greed, power and loyalty are all set into play.

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